I dream of (black and brown, native and) white Christmas.

Ok, so you can tell the story of an old man to tell the Christmas spirit, about a happy old man slid in the chimney, and boy toy to reward those who act good children.

Some people stick to their Christmas traditions, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But think of changing the Christmas story to better reflect how much time and country we live in.

After all, it may be the reason why Christmas is alive. ‘when we reconceive the stories we grow up, we make sure they pass on the next generation,’ says maria tartar, a professor of mythology and folklore at Harvard University.

“We all have a nostalgic connection to childhood,” says tartar. “But as we grow up, we started to use prudent view some of the things we read and cherish, and realized that they weren’t so culture is pure, for me, this is a good thing. As adults, to restore some of our story, to make them better, let them become more fresh, let them become more interesting, let them become more meaningful, this is our own decision. There is no reason to tell the same old story over and over again.

So, in that spirit, we’ve listed five children’s books that honor the diversity of ways that Christmas is understood and celebrated in the United States.

So, what holiday traditions have you looked at this year? Please send email to CodeSwitch@npr.org and tell us! Happy holidays!

The colorful story takes place in a Puerto Rican family moving to New York City. Crowded in a small apartment, eager to go home, they can hardly enjoy Christmas Eve – they can’t even put dinner in their little oven! But as the evening approached, the family became associated with the people around them, and the neighbors who had been strangers became valuable holiday companions. The book, published in 2015, is particularly acute this year as thousands of puerto ricans are forced to move to the mainland after hurricane maria.

A strange, multiracial treatment of the arctic’s most famous couple. The book tells the story of a black Santa and his white husband, who drove a few weeks before Christmas. Had a comment to describe such a plot, “Santa Claus’s husband help finish all the work before Christmas, from a review of the listing, the feeding reindeer (of course, is organic, no gluten grain), to the labor disputes of the elves of the negotiation”. In other words, Santa’s husband is a tribute to the Christmas myth that many of us know and love, as well as a subtle introduction to the virtues of workers’ unions and sustainable agriculture.

When a hyenas imitates Santa’s attempt to get a family out of their Christmas dinner, the man brings the old “cheater” prototype. It’s a good reminder that people don’t always seem to be who they are – but it’s not a mistake to share your stuff with someone who needs it. It can be seen from the narration that everyone is easily divided into playful and kind-hearted, which is also a welcome difference. In fact, we know that people make choices based on their needs and situations, not just their inner goodness or evil. (if you’re looking for more resources, Colorin Colorado, a bilingual web site, provides resources for education workers and families, and a list of other native American Christmas books for children.

Through Helen Recorvits and gabby swiskka.

Gregory cowles, the New York times book editor, calls it “a sweet and delicate holiday story, just like it’s about Christmas.” In the book, young south Korean immigrants to the United States try to persuade her parents to accept an american-style Christmas celebration. The next discussion is about the role of navigation in South Korea and the United States. The book is one of a series of articles that follows Yoon, balancing her family tradition with the reality of trying to fit into the new place.


We are all used to seeing images of Christmas cold, flannel, rosin. So what’s the holiday like when you take the winter woods and move to little Havana? When the book’s protagonist, Nina, travels to Miami to visit her Cuban family, her thoughts on the holiday are overturned. La Noche Buena painted a Christmas celebration to make room for guests in the hot weather, pachanga and Crema DE Vie.


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