The beast at night is the beginning of a great legend.

Magical world construction laid the groundwork for this debut novel, because Tochi Onyebuchi reminiscent of an inspired by Nigeria heritage the bustling market, and have a group of homeless children with the rich and the evil of the strong.

In coase, all the aristocrats – especially the royal family – were free of guilt and associated guilt. This purity enables them to rule, but its price is high. Whenever one of them commits a crime, they send a mage and a sinner, or aki. The mage pulls out evil and forces it to materialize in the form of a monster. Arkie fights the beast, kills and absorbs it, until its only remaining sign is the beast’s tattoo and the sense of guilt. Angie found some minor living fighting crimes, but in the end, the guilt consumed them, leaving empty shells.

By the time she was 17, she had become another arkie, called the bright emissary and the sky. He died and absorbed more animals than the others, and for most of them, tattoos usually disappear over time, and the taj mahal is completely covered by other people’s evil ink. This separated him and made him more afraid and reviled than the others.

When a royal transgression gets out of hand, she sends someone to send it. But, to everyone’s surprise, he was able to control the evil beast and bend it to his will. This marked the end of the life that she had built for herself between archie, and brought him into the whirlpool of political intrigue. Soon, all the people from the princess to different factions were pulling him in different directions, trying to convince him that only he had the best interests of his beloved city. As he moves from one plan to the next, she must accept the truth of his power and the change it may bring to his world.

The city has been at the heart of the taj, and so has the book. Vivid description of the alley, stores and into the palace life, carefully thought so impressive food and complex social level, different from the usual dress, it creates a really fun exploring the world.

It is also worth noting the role of many people of color. In fantasy fiction, the default value of the side role is white. Here, we see women from all walks of life, from the taj’s compatriots aki to nerdy wizards to bodyguards, even the princesses prove more than just a pretty face. It feels like a deliberate and joyous choice, and Onyebuchi’s dedication to social justice in real life can seamlessly integrate into his imagined world.

For its world and concept, it is definitely a book, because the narrative from one event to another event, the taj mahal to carry with it, not in what happened next. This is often the case in the “choose one” story, where she has few institutions, and his acceptance of his fate makes it hard for him to sympathize with him. Just as friendly and charming as he is, if he only took a moment to figure out his desires and make his own choices, he would feel that the half-court conflict would only evaporate around him.

This is not the first fantasy book to be more interested in stories – it does work for tolkien.

As soon as we reach the last few chapters of the book, she begins to give a clear description of her purpose, as the story ends up in the epic scope it has always hinted at. In some ways, the real account only began to close in this book, let the “night of the beast” has become a more exciting story long introduction – we will probably be in the sequel.

This is not the first fantasy book to be more interesting to the world than this story – it works for tolkien, and the “beast of the night” may do worse than it does in those steps. Onyebuchi has created a world that will undoubtedly inspire many people.


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