‘Bob’s Burgers music ’15 best songs.

When FOX first launched Bob’s Burgers in 2011, it was an unremarkable black horse, a cartoon about an ordinary family that was different from the other cartoons on the web. But with “Simpson family” and “family guy” and the rough animated comedy, Bob’s burgers filled with comedy character driven – a burger joint owner Bob belcher, his wife, Linda and Tina, their children the story of the gene and Louise.

Although the first season was clunky, the popularity of Bob burgers accelerated with the development of comedy. Due to the strong character development, the performance becomes a part of itself, but you can track the sophistication of music on the same axis. Belchers middle-aged children Gene is an aspiring musician, he will be here and there and original tune, spontaneous creation on his keyboard, later became the burger with Bob (a new recipe written in chalk) specialty restaurant next to each set) or changing business (Tire – Rhea, Petalfile, extra humid yoga, etc.). After three seasons, the show’s personality has fully demonstrated itself and the existence of music, evolving to include clever imitations, familiar pop songs and elaborate mini-musicals. And when this consonant is subtly extended to Bob’

As a symbol of legal heaven, Sub Pop will release Bob’s Burgers music, which includes 107 songs from 107 songs, which will be recorded on May 12. A lot of songs are almost impossible to review, but some themes run through the material to prove the special features of songs and shows. For a program about working-class families in the United States, the show has an unusual connection to social trends. Belcher adult children emotion, combined with Bob and Linda’s reliable plain nature, provide the opportunity to show continue, to be disruptive to a mainstream audience publicity and body enthusiasm and progressive values, such as gender equality. Characters often experience a rich role reversal; Gender stereotypes are always delirious and fluid.

Burgers was not the same things made Bob ‘s best song – can be a shock or genius, pervy playground rhyme or earworms, clarify the rapid delivery subplots – great, with or without context. The following 15 – the best group I chose, arranged chronologically in chronological order – relied on solid songwriting and three-dimensional lyrics. Sadly, they did not include John Roberts (Linda) of each event to impress Michael McDonald’s or Eddie money, they also can’t tolerate h. John boehner Ming () Bob himself singing “love under control” (finger on the trigger). Instead of Donna Summer. Separate bathroom humor tracks (” The Fart Song “or” The Diarrhea Song “) may be worth having its own list, but it is further confirmed The TV play music accomplishment is a remarkable (especially 15 songs).

Save yourself for the Tori Amos concert and watch “Food Truckin” to hear some real poetry. “Oh, it’s hot, wet and smooth/it makes everyone sick/leaking oil! The oil!” At lolla-pa-foods -A food festival, she made A clear point to Tori Amos at the piano bench, and even 12-year-old Gene heard that the song was about her vagina. (perhaps he is sensitive because he has been listening to sensitive singer-songwriter.) Amos’s actual recorded version will make things go further, but Mullally’s unique voice gives it a stickiness. Difficult to judge whether the vagina in the glorious world Belchers live in such a specification, so that they are the festival audiences active source of entertainment, or the audience just stay in the enduring power of this song.

Bathroom humor can be a tricky thing, not to mention imitating songs, not to mention The imitation show, but Bob ‘Burgers was not s is based solely on The Goonies, in “The Belchies”, fearlessly. “Taffy Butt closed,” snarled Cyndi Lauper. “you have a toffee Butt/there’s a treasure/I want the toffee Butt, ayayayay! Toffee butt/this is a toffee dock/there is a gold butt. What is undeniable is that The song continued, because it is “The Goonies” ‘Good Enough’ melody are exactly The same, but The lyric is that it is used to describe The end of The plot, at The same time try to in The authorization information into their emotions.

Performed by saint Vincent in the “Bad Tina” premiere of Bob’s Buskers series, the pogo punk work can be completely separated from music to enjoy and enjoy, making it a watershed in the original music of the program. In the whole episode, Tina is under pressure from her “bad girl” friend tami, who secretly invites her to fall in love when her parents are not at home. In margarita mix and makeup too many pictures, things can’t control, forcing Tina reflecting on her values, st. Vincent sing a way: “I have always been a good girl, but then I was with the wrong crowd/now, I’m said to my mother, rope skipping school/all the boys and their cute butt really worth all this? Be careful! Sticking to herself instead of lying to her parents was Tina’s request, but in the broader framework of support, the ban was encouraged by emphasising the less secretive fetish of each person. From Bob’s newfound popularity with the tangle of clapping, to Linda’s encouragement of Tina’s quirky friend novel, the bad-girl theme runs through all the time.

If Megan Mullally shows Tina as a circus elephant named Topsy and Thomas Thomas, it sounds ridiculous, but it makes sense to use Stephin Merritt’s sonorous baritone instead of Mullally to make Topsy more meaningful. The Magnetic Fields of The loud, crowded slightly leaders in this Bob ‘s Buskers device for his trunk has provided a good tone of voice, it’s easy to become one of The best original song in The series. Rather than follow the scientific rules of fairness and perform traditional projects, the gene for animal cruelty a terrible milestone in the history of brought some momentum, rewrite it to a sexy love story. “But I never noticed her trunk curve” singing Thomas Edison (author/performer Kenny melman),


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