Pope Francis has apologized for the ‘grave sin’ of the United States.

NPR’s kelly McEvers and Associated Press reporter nicole Winfield are talking about his apology to the church for the crimes committed by the American people.


Pope Francis continues his trip to South America today. In Bolivia, he reiterated his criticism of global capitalism yesterday, apologising to the audience for what he called a serious crime against the American people in the name of god. In the United States, he refers to north and South America. Rocco Palmo wrote a whisper on the corridor, a religious blog that records the Catholic church. He’s been talking about Pope Francis’ trip to America, and he’s joining us now. Welcome to the show.

ROCCO PALMO: anytime. Thank you for your hospitality.

MCEVERS: and Rocco, tell me more about this apology. What did the Pope say? Who did he talk to?

Palmer: well, he’s talking to a group of about 5,000 workers, or at least they’re organized by the church. This is a conference sponsored by the Vatican. These people are trade union organizers, community organizers, people who serve the poor, just marginalized.

But what he is doing – this is not just a Latin American group. In fact, it’s a global organization. In terms of the American continent, he for the church in inciting abuse apologized soil with the role of the people, this is the so-called conquer the part of the United States – you know, in the 14th century, in the 16th century, the colonies got the bless of the church. But what he did is obvious is that he will be with the global economic system of the harsh criticism together, called for reform and revolution, and said, the implement method of the global economy today represents a new colonialism, the same colonialism has sexual abuse, like exploitation, oppressed and victim.

MCEVERS: so this is a planned speech. As far as you are concerned, this is not an insignificant comment.

Palmer: oh, it’s just a shameless way. For Francis, who likes to go to the cuff, this is the most intense speech I’ve ever seen. The delivery time is almost an hour. But suggests that this is not a frivolous speech, it is very rare for him, in the end it is numbered paragraphs and detailed footnote, this is the Vatican, not only can see in Bolivia or South America, and can see all over the world, as the Pope’s teaching files in the church.

MCEVERS: wow. So what does that mean? How will it live after that? Will you?

Palmer: well, it will live in several ways, at least in the church. Obviously, if you want, the Pope has given these people a major b-12 shooting at the grassroots level and will encourage everyone involved in church and social work.

But as far as the United States is concerned, this is the best way to address congress during a visit to congress in late September. No Pope had ever spoken to congress before, and people on both sides of the aisle had found what he was about to say in their boots. And, you know, last night, if you wanted to, comfort the progressives – the Democrats.

But at the same time, you know, the church is teaching to condemn gay marriage and abortion, and contraception still exists. And, you know, missionary work is often said to be a comfort to the sick and suffering. That is what Francis did in Latin America last night, and he will do so again in the United States in a few months.

MCEVERS: this is Rocco Palmo. He wrote Whispers on the bench, a Catholic religious blog. Thank you very much for talking to us.

PALMO: anytime.


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