In “the axe ridge,” a war hero changes his attitude toward a conscientious person.


MEL Gibson’s last director project was “Apocalypto” in 2006. His new movie, Hacksaw Ridge, is also about human sacrifice. This time, it was a revelation called world war ii. Andrew Garfield star. Gibson is behind the camera. The critic Bob Mondello says they are a very effective team.

BOB MONDELLO, wired: a recipe for war movies. For a time, “Hacksaw Ridge” taking a formula of the letter, this is a meeting with a man – in this case, he is a pretty nurse, while he was in the donated blood is very attractive.


Andrew Garfield :(as Desmond doss) I always dreamed of becoming a doctor, but I didn’t get too many schools.

MONDELLO: but before they had time to get married, the guy named Desmond Doss recruited him.


Garfield :(as Desmond ddos) other men should not fight and die, but I just sit at home and be safe. I need service.

MONDELLO: Andrew Garfield, with a lot of basic training, running obstacle courses, getting all kinds of mud, and then his drill sergeant hands him a rifle.


VINCE VAUGHN :(as sergeant Howell) this is a personal gift from the U.S. government, designed to bring death to the enemy.

MONDELLO: at this point, the Hacksaw Ridge parts company USES this formula.


Garfield :(like Desmond doss) well, I’m sorry, sergeant, I can’t touch the gun.

Mond los: seventh-day Adventist Desmond to more, even the desire as a doctor in the service of the second world war, but not to make a living, but his military superiors would not easy for him.


VAUGHN :(as Howell sergeant) Private Doss doesn’t believe in violence. He didn’t even want to touch the weapon. So I beseech you, do not expect him to save you on the battlefield, for he will doubtless be busy with his conscience.

Garfield :(like Desmond ddos) selg (ph) – that’s not the real sergeant…

MONDELLO: the people he serves don’t understand.


Unidentified actor :(as a character) look, I don’t think it’s a religious issue. I think it’s cowardice.

MONDELLO: neither is the woman he wants to marry.


TERESA PALMER :(as Dorothy Schutte) why can’t you just pick up your stupid gun and wave it? You don’t have to use it, just give up halfway.

Garfield :(Desmond ddos) I can’t do that.

Palmer :(like Dorothy Schutte) yes, you can, it’s just pride – pride and stubbornness. Don’t confuse your will with the will of the Lord.

Garfield :(as Desmond ddos) maybe I’m proud, but I don’t know how I would live with myself if I wasn’t true to my beliefs.

MONDELLO: it’s not hard to imagine, why director MEL Gibson, it sometimes very ugly off screen behavior recently covered in his films, by the whole society may be a belief against people attracted by the story. Gibson’s characters are often badly damaged on screen. As a director, he was never shy about using religious images to improve their torture.

In the battle of Hacksaw Ridge in Okinawa, he detached Private Doss from a cross, leaving only an outstretched arm. But he tells a sincere story about a conscientious objector who has been awarded the congressional medal of honor, an inspiring figure. In the battle sequence of the arduous climax, Gibson immediately makes it ironic and suspense.

Doss stroked the wounded man, and found that the sergeant, who had laughed at him, had broken his leg, and the Japanese soldiers were outside.


VAUGHN :(as captain Howell) you’re like gum on your shoes, aren’t you?

Garfield :(like Desmond ddos) give me this.

MONDELLO: Doss grabs the sergeant’s gun.


VAUGHN :(as captain Howell) now it’s a little late for the target practice, don’t you think?

MONDELLO: he doesn’t shoot. Dores wraps his rifle on the edge of the blanket and forms a makeshift stretcher.


Garfield :(like Desmond ddos) jump on it.

VAUGHN :(as captain Howell) you’re kidding.

Garfield :(Desmond ddos) no, I’ll tow you. So let’s do that.

MONDELLO: wartime brutality, religious heroism, not only in the Hacksaw Ridge be redeemed, and be sanctified, if Desmond Doss does not exist, apologize to voltaire, so MEL Gibson it may be necessary to invent him. I’m Bob Mondello.


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