Our love song: Alice bag, ’77’

In 1980, dolly parton became Doralee Rhodes’s original feminist venue comedy, 9 to 5. “In the 9-5 job, it’s a living way of life,” she said. “there’s no peace,” she said in the film’s title theme song. “They just use your mind, they never give you credit/if you drive it crazy, it’s enough to drive you mad.”

Perhaps the 22-year-old Alice was sitting in a movie theater in east Los Angeles in 1980, laughing at the stupid white women on screen. Or, maybe she agree with Judy, violet and DORA Sally want revenge against their “gender discrimination, selfish, lying, hypocrisy of paranoia” boss, Franklin Hart Jr. Alice Bag is, after all, bloodthirsty Chicana punk legend, he wrote “Violence Girl” : “she domesticated world too much/she tore it into pieces, she is a violent Girl! ”

In “77”, the upcoming release of the second single Bag, “Blueprint Bag”, is the ghost of a female comic. Critical female royals Catherine Hannah bikini killing and Bratmobile allison Wolf – who not only inherited the feminist punk mantle Alice bag and created in the 1970 s and handbags also appears in “turn it” – provides the guest vocals and appear in the video. They were Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton, their bags of Lily Tomlin, and everyone was typing with their own colored wigs. They were angry. By 2012, American women were still earning 77 cents.

Solstice 5 – movies, songs, musicals, etc. – has become its stupidity. Like her actress, Doralee is portrayed as pretty, plump and not smart. Many of the film’s jokes depend on Judy, Doralee and Violet for roles that the characters don’t have. However, Doralee provided the film’s oldest and still relevant emotional core when the trio were not accidentally poisoned. After a rumor that he had an affair with her, she confronted her boss.

“Look, I’ve been with you since my first day here,” she told him. “I’ve put up with all of your pinchin’ and starin’, and I’m shaking around my desk because I need this job, but it’s the last straw!”

Like many girls’ comedies in our mother’s generation, 9 to 5 make us laugh, because what else does a woman do?

Alice Bag was still laughing, but it was an angry laugh. According to a study by the pew research center in 2016, if a white woman like Doralee every Franklin Hart Jr. in 1980 dollars and 67 cents, Hanna ‘s and Wolfe’s role in the 35 years won only 15 cents – 2015 and 2015 cents.

“I made 77 cents. That’s not right/it’s bad for women!” This song is called Wolfe. While this figure relies on the fact that the census is no longer accurate in 2012, Bag’s point remains. The Pew study found that latino women like Bag now earn an average of 58 cents, less than Doralee’s income in 1980. As white women get closer to pay equality, real equality will give priority to the color of their sisters’ skin.

“It would be worse if you weren’t white,” the bag retorted. Making fun of men is the traditional weakness of the provider, and Bag calls the latino mother who “needs the job” or has to work. “Are you a parent? I am/not only I/I need to provide.

Bag, Hanna and Wolfe like their former ‘use the rope to their boss (by Hunx and his Punx singer Seth Bogart played) string together – only this time, it is not a western command and more S&M.

Blue hair, like her, Bag lifted TNT’s money and ironed a man’s bare chest. The women are surrounded by GIRLS GIRLS, and they sing “now is the time, now is the time”, like bacchants.

Somewhere, dolly parton might catch her pearls, but I hope she laughs too. Bag’s humor is a kind of violence. Feminism music in a century’s biggest development has always been the female hysteria repositioning for the sense of anger, and its precise into accurate and sharp stimulus, but also not sharp.

“Yes, don’t pretend that our income is equal,” the bag sneers. “You wrote the script/but I’m writing a sequel.”


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