Pei liar! Why is the Christmas TV special so bad?

Do you know this is from Thurl Ravenscroft scalp performance in the first few notes to know – sing “you are a favorite person, Mr Green,” and he played in the Kellogg’s cereal advertising tigers boss Tony – Dr Seuss’s “How the grinch stole Christmas is a holiday classic.

The animated film, 50, AIRS three weeks before its actual birthday. There is no doubt that for a green guy who learns not to steal Christmas, a cartoon of 26 minutes a day shows a lasting masterpiece, which is a bit odd.

But on CBS’s debut on December 18, 1966, Grinch did all the right things. It has a great pedigree; Seuss changed self Theodor Geisel, who worked on the project with legendary warner bros. animator Chuck Jones.

It has a cheeky story that appeals to children and adults. It has a bad narrator in the horror film king Boris karlov.

So why can’t modern Christmas TV programs make this magic happen more often?

To be sure, there are many lovely animated features and modern cartoon characters, such as toy story players and a green ogre named shrek. (I really liked the moment in shrek’s hall when gingerbread people found that Christmas was not so warm and refreshing for his cookies.

But these things are more of a sly moment of corporate synergy than a special holiday gift. I was inspired when I heard that Disney had made a special new holiday special for ABC this year, called “Disney’s wonderful world: an incredible holiday celebration.”

But then the trailer for the show was broadcast with the slogan: “in the show, don’t miss the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which opens in theaters on December 16th.”

In this way, an interesting album became a huge commercial for Disney’s franchise. (we all know how bad the Star Wars episode was, didn’t we?)

Even programs that were supposed to be lame weren’t as lame as they intended. Chart A: bill Murray’s Netflix special A very Murray Christmas; It’s impossible to decide whether it’s mocking holiday specials or celebrating them in a very strange way.

One of the scenes was Murray’s attempt to talk to show circle friend Chris rock about his special Christmas with him.

“So you did a special event in the biggest snowstorm of the year?” Rock told Murray that he was screaming his lines as if he was speaking out for Madagascar. That’s you, bill. That’s you. ”

Finally, the best holiday specials have a unique balance of nostalgia, surprise, creativity and holiday spirit. It often takes a Christmas miracle to pull all this down in a one-off TV event.

Eric Deggans

“But now you’re here,” Murray said. “This is us!

“No! Rock the answer. In any case, he will eventually use the camera.

It’s not ironic. It’s just a little lame.

At least the imperial star tara, p. henson and terrence Howard has a very good feeling, is in when fox’s performance last year, they brought Mary j. Blige, Patti Labelle and John Legend singer incandescent holiday songs.

The powerful vocal performance helped distract the awkward conversations between Howard and henson, which often feel like an update to an old SONY and snow show.

“Why not? Henson once asked Howard on the show.

‘because I never got what I wanted,’ he answered.

Henson’s response seems to come from Cookie Lyons’s playbook: “uh… What are you doing that is naughty?

Bill Murray is on Netflix special: ‘very Murray Christmas’

ABC celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of “Charlie brown Christmas”.

“I’ve always been a good boy,” Howard responded. When the audience and Henson expressed their doubts, he gave up the sentence. “I didn’t say I was a good adult. I was a good kid.” This is an aimless joke.

Next month, henson himself did something special on the fox. Maybe this vacation is too hot for two stars.

As a critic, I have been drawn to the Christmas special, which has some unexpected absurdities. When David Bowie joined Bing Crosby in the Crosby TV special, reciting the mix of peace and drummer boys on earth, I liked the future of rock music’s respect for old-school actors. (of course, Charlie brown’s Christmas and associated peanut holiday specials are unique.)

When the toy elves Hermey informed his boss, he would rather be a custom animation classic rudolph the red nose reindeer dentist, I feel that a sense of pride in anywhere doesn’t fit, because we own a person to see his strange flag flew over a little.

Finally, the best holiday specials have a unique balance of nostalgia, surprise, creativity and holiday spirit. It often takes a Christmas miracle to pull all this down in a one-off TV event.

This may explain why we see so many good people on TV after all.


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