On the road to women’s rights, Susan Anthony has a lot of bad food.

She was hung with portraits and laughed at; Congress ridiculed the demand for equal rights for women and was fined for “illegal” voting in 1872. Yell at public meetings and laugh at the day’s honest and tyrannical columnists. Susan b. Anthony, the champion of the American women’s movement, has to bear the stigma, as is well known.

What is less well known is that she persistently pursued physical hardship in order to give women the right to vote. For 45 years, Anthony has walked unmercilessly through nearly a hundred lectures on anti-slavery and female elections every year. It means she really lives on the road – by train, station wagon, boat, boat and sleigh through snowstorms and blizzards. She through New York, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state, California – even against other members – “polygamy Utah” advice. She often is the only woman in the room, her in any open the door to her public speaking – from African American churches and bars to the teacher’s college, railway warehouse, abandoned military barracks and tobacco factories. Once,

The journey is punishment and reception, though sometimes warm and encouraging, often cold, dreary or vicious. On the eve of the civil war, when the mood of the country was fission, a rotten egg was thrown on the stage, and the hot pepper was thrown on the stove to disturb the meeting. I can’t believe that Anthony stood in her shoes. But one can imagine her and her companions eager for a hot meal and a clean bed after these brutal encounters. In most cases, however, they return to dirty hotels and terrible food.

Her biographer Alma Lutz on Susan b. Anthony wrote: “the rebels, the Crusades, humanitarian” wrote: “the most food is green, soda or floating in the oil and grease, full of bugs in the hotel. “Susan wrote down the family of her sleepless nights and chose ‘torturers’ from the hem of their hats and clothes.” A south Dakota hotel offers “sour-bread, muddy coffee and stewed green grapes.” In front of other people, they met with water that is impure, straw pallets and coffee, without cream or milk, sweet sorghum – only a cup of good coffee is Anthony missed something absolutely, it is obvious from her newspaper reports, how she “a cup of coffee in Christianity” Trinidad in Colorado.

“I can assure you that my birth control pill is rapidly diminishing,” Anthony wrote in a note to her family in rochester, New York. Fortunately, her health, travel to withstand the harsh conditions, most of the time not to complain, but a sigh in her diary reflect her frustration: “oh, crimes committed in the land of the kitchen!”

Unfortunately, the unhealthy food they supply in hotels and many families is a feature of this era. “Is one of the biggest test of the travellers have to endure in our widely acclaimed predecessors, this practice is not the exception,” another biographer Ida Husted Harper in “Susan Anthony’s life and work,” wrote:

“In those days, housewives can’t around the corner, buy a guarantee of good bread yeast bread, but the process of yeast to make a long and difficult, and don’t know much about ordinary housekeeper, so alternative is found in the ‘salt rise, often leads to a heavy difficult digest, the quality of white flour is rarely used, the quality is very poor, baking soda is unknown, all forms of cake and warm bread made from yoghurt and soda water, it is easy to damage the latter too much or too little and form no special compared with the modern family. ”

Anthony I am a good cook – this achievement for those who believe in the latter become hate kitchen scoundrel be pleasantly surprised, because they impact and scream on the street, because they can’t boil water or feed their families. The anti-election pamphlet at the time was full of laughter: “good cooking reduces alcohol cravings more than voting. “(many post-realists are also advocates of temperance.) Or, “you don’t have to vote to clean your sink. “Critics have warned that the vote will decolor women. Marry Anthony especially referred to as the domestication and attractive hybrids, do not mind if she is a “solemn Quaker girl” (with her close friend Elizabeth cady Stanton’s words), she wears a quiet and expensive clothes and pickles, canned, garden, varnish, quilt and baking, and anyone with a group of children.

Usually, members’ friends invite them home. But this poses a danger to itself, because many of the people who sympathise with the causes of progress are also “cursors” – the term used at the time – to receive pure food therapy. In a small town near New York City a rich house, Anthony and her two friends was nuts, apple and bran peel and water (presumably, this helps to “remove” the gut, in the words of John Harvey Kellogg, the main advocate for the abstinence diet) for three meals. After that, two of her men had fled the death penalty, leaving Anthony to spend the weekend at Monday’s meeting. “She went through it,” wrote her biographer, Harper, “but she started in New York on Tuesday, and didn’t stop until she reached Delmonico.

But travel is full of strange twists and turns. Anthony found that coffee and politeness can be found in the most unexpected places: in a cabin and in a salon.

In Missouri, a family of the train is full for several hours – “any decent farmers pigsty is like the car clean,” she wrote – Anthony desperate to go out, to join the men who were washing clothes, standing on the bank. Finally, she went out to the woman in charge and asked if she would sell her a cup of coffee. The next thing that happened was to surprise her in the best possible way. Anthony, wrote the woman wrote: “I hesitated a moment later, with a snort, when she came, I have washed my face and hands, when she handed me my drink, she said:” this is not a rye, it is a real coffee. That’s it, I like it, brass spoons, thick, dirty, broken cups and so on. ”

As for courtesy, she was that she had met “the rough group” – Colorado blackwell emerging towns of the miners, because the town car is one of the biggest public space, so where Anthony tells the story of the rights of women. To respect her abstention, the shopkeeper spread a print on the bottle behind the bar to avoid the public.The room was crowded with miners, and the crowd took to the streets. When they saw Anthony coughing, they immediately put out their pipes (and ordered more drinks). Against any expectation, she clapped enthusiastically, and when she asked for donations, the men wore hats and filled them with gold powder and gold bullion.

Sixteen years later, in 1893, Colorado became the first state to pass a referendum on women’s suffrage – and Anthony lived to win. Although she passed away before the historic 19th amendment in 1920, giving American women the right to vote, she knew it was inevitable. As she said in her last speech in 1906, a month before her death, she said, “failure is impossible.”

Antony’s commitment to women’s rights was unquestionable (though she also went on fire to advance the cost of white women’s careers in black men). The steel of her determination was captured at the William Henry castle hotel in New York state when Anthony tried to order his breakfast. On the table were the abolitionist Aaron Powell and the satirist Antoinette blackwell, who gave Harper the following happy note:

“I remember breakfast table has a rich scene, Powell and we are together, the color of the attendant pointedly gave him a ticket, Anthony young lady glanced, began to give orders, not as wild as rosemary border. He turned around, turned a deaf ear, Powell fidgeted and studied the papers, insisting that no one should order her own coffee, corn bread and steak. ‘for your party, Sir, Sir? “Powell tried to repeat his wish, but stumbled and stumbled over the face… Though she had not been conscious of anything except the occasion of a ‘middle man’, she was perfectly capable of taking care of her breakfast,

Two words in this paragraph will jump out of contemporary readers: she insists. Susan b. Anthony was immediately in trouble through green soda bread, muddy coffee, bedbugs, rotten eggs and paternalist waiters.


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