“That’s Stephen ‘: the controversial style of the White House adviser can be traced back to his youth.
Standing on the podium in the White House press room, Stephen miller, wearing his trademark tight suit and tie, took part in a verbal battle he had been fighting since graduating from high school.
Miller, 31, a policy adviser and speechwriter for the trump White House, spoke to CNN about reducing legal immigration and requiring immigrants to speak English in the United States. There was even a heated exchange about the meaning of the statue of liberty.
For those who knew miller was back, the swap was no surprise.
“Before he even introduced immigration policy to journalists… I mean, Stephen is all [trump’s prediction], you can hear it, you can hear it, “said Los Angeles writer Nick silverman. Miller’s former high school classmate.
“You can tell when it was Stephen, because he used this kind of movie, almost flashy flash to describe this kind of super nationalism… When he has his handprints in a speech or statement, you can tell because he is always a beautification of American culture, you know, no matter what. ”
Although the briefing room scene became viral (and even produced a poor video of paulishur), it wasn’t the first time miller had put himself in the spotlight. He first created a name for himself at Santa monica high school, a large, free and multi-ethnic campus in southern California.
His classmates described miller as an outspoken person, he likes to push people’s buttons, challenge latino students speak English, that schools should notice only in English, and said he didn’t agree with is not patriotic.
Jason islas, a local journalist in Santa monica, calif., and an activist say he has a close relationship with miller, a middle school student, to provide everything for interstellar travel.
“He was really fascinated by the role of captain kirk and that alpha leader,” Mr. Islas said.
They were so close that Islas took part in miller’s adult ceremony, but Islas says they lost contact in the summer between eighth grade and high school. Once Islas is finally connected, Miller tells him they can’t be friends.
“He gave me this reason why he didn’t want to be my friend anymore,” says Islas.
He cited many of the reasons why his friends broke up – most of them personal: he was too embarrassed, too short. But he was surprised by one reason.
“One of the things that really stood out in my memory was my latino heritage,” Mr. Islas said.
He was taken aback by the fact that he had always known miller, and there was no sign that he felt that way. In hindsight, Islas says the moment marked the beginning of miller’s role as a provocateur.
“In a world that celebrates diversity, inclusiveness and comprehensiveness, he identifies himself as an anti-status character… Liberal values, you know, he’s always attacking a little bit.
“I see him now as a teenage rebellion that has turned into a pernicious, unfree, exclusive ideology.”
NPR made a request to the White House to interview Miller, but there was no more response after the deadline. The White House spokesman also did not respond to a series of questions about miller’s early years and his specific duties in the government.
The editor of the high school newspaper, ari rossmarin, said that miller was thrilled to be a conservative soldier behind the progressive enemies of Santa monica.
“Stephen did his job at school to let him hear and be known,” said Rosmarin, now a civil rights lawyer for the American civil liberties union.
“He was playing in the high school hallway, and I don’t think we’ve seen anyone before.”
Miller was one of the few students who regularly submitted a column to a paper – so many people that newspapers couldn’t publish all of them.
In a column titled “the hour of murder,” miller wrote that he admired the idea of osama bin laden being riddled with bullets. “We’ve all heard about Islam have much peace and gentle, but no matter how many times you say, it can’t change millions of radical muslims will be because you are Christian, jewish or simple reason to celebrate the fact that the death of you. “Americans,” miller wrote.
He disagrees with those who fear that American troops are involved in Afghanistan and those who speculate that American policy might be anti-american. He wrote: “it is absurd to blame the United States on countries where citizens would rather spend time making blankets to cover up women’s faces than to improve the quality of life.”
He often goes to the newspaper office to discuss what he has written. Rosmarin called miller “dramatic” and said he sometimes went too far.
“It’s not funny for a lot of students, especially latino and immigrant students,” Rosmarin said.
“He’s aggressive, he’s demeaning, he’s condescending, really challenging their position at school and having the right to speak the language they speak, and, you know, it’s not funny.”
Stephen miller, one of high school yearbook pages cited President Theodore Roosevelt’s words: “in the country, won’t have fifty us here only 100% of the us, only the United States and other nations have.”
Santa monica high school yearbook.
Once, in the school corridor to the miller Rosmarin, dissatisfaction with a specially wrote Rosmarin book, in his book, he suggested that if people really want war after the 9.11 attacks, they should stop driving suvs.
“He ran towards me, he tore open the button shirt, basically and the inside lining a T-shirt with the American flag, and tell me, if I don’t like it here, go to other places, so, you know, I am against the United States and that sort of thing. “
The confused man was stunned, but he thought miller was looking for the acting skills he had created.
“That’s it,” says Rosmarin. “he has a lot in common with his boss, because these are the Kings of these political stunts.”
When miller was a student, Oscar DE la torre was an advisor to the school. He now serves on the Santa monica malibu school board.
“He seems to think that the growth of this country’s diversity is the collapse of the country, and he really believes that,” Mr. DE la torre said.
This diversity is highlighted in high school. Delatore is the chairman of the campus committee of education justice and equality. Mr Miller joined the committee, but Mr Delatore thought his aim was to destroy it.
“Here, we meet this young man, he is tired of… He sounds like a 50-year-old man, he told the world is angry, he is very nervous about everything, especially anything that will help students of color or any students to solve the problem of racism, he gets very excited. ”
Miller’s high school classmate said he liked bold language and assertive statements. He rejected the idea of white privilege, dropped statistics on immigration and crime, and was important in the second amendment.
While that didn’t help his popularity in high school, he won his fans among conservative talk show host Larry Elder, an African-American.
On September 11, 2001, after the terrorist attack, miller was fighting with school officials, carrying the oath of allegiance every day, and he found that the school was asked to do it but didn’t.
Miller wrote a letter to elder, which he thought was interesting and invited him to his performance.
“He’s great,” said elder. “He blew everyone away, he made it clear, he was funny, he was warm.”
Miller became a regular show, appearing about 70 times on a national syndicated program.
Elder is high school students to the constitution, federalism and immigration policy interest – in a elder said that most people will still be the era of reading comic books, this is a fully formed conservative ideology. He found that the young man he was coaching was called a racist.
“Stephen was opposed to identity politics, based on racial politics – for women, gay, black, Hispanic should have some special rules point of view, and lower their standards to achieve some degree of forward-looking, engineering ethnic diversity,” said the elder.
“This is the kind of things make him crazy, because he thought that racism is not as important as others, therefore, that the edge should be safe, in my opinion, this is just a laissez-faire intolerance. ”
Miller continued to struggle through university at duke university, where he once again proved its media, makes the appearance on the fox and friends and HLN Nancy grace to discuss political correctness, freedom of speech and terrorism.
“You know, the most on the left side of the people, they claim that the freedom of speech and freedom of speech, but as long as you put those who let their offensive things, all of a sudden, there is no freedom of speech on the window,” miller said. In fox and friends in 2007.
Above all, miller became the main spokesman for cable television, talking about the duke lacrosse event, which was a big national story in 2006.
Miller spoke to white hockey players who were raped by black women. The charges were eventually dropped.
After graduation, miller traveled to Washington, d.c., where he worked for a series of conservative lawmakers. He eventually rose to the position of r-ala, now the attorney-general of the trump administration. Senator Jeff sessions communications director.
Mr Miller made the final preparations in the rose garden colonnade before Mr Trump announced his decision to withdraw the us from the Paris climate deal in June.
Andrew Logan in Sessions office work closely with Miller, said Miller as the alchemist, will the senator’s idea and the legislative analyst research together, create a “more than its parts combined” products.
“I think he can so quickly win the trust of Jeff sessions one reason is that he has the ability to accurately understand the desire for what is, what is the expected results, and then puts forward some important ultimately very convincing,” Logan said.
Miller is a key figure in helping to shape the bipartisan legislation that has reshaped America’s immigration system. Miller helped write an argument and statistics booklet to persuade house republicans not to approve the senate bill. According to Logan, miller will stay up late to send detailed emails to journalists involved in immigration.
The bill never passed the house of representatives.
Logan disagreed with miller, who said he was not a “spotlight seeker” in his career.
Logan pointed to the 2013 immigration debate as an example. He said you might find news reports about other lawmakers’ spokesmen, but not miller.
“We feel that… It wasn’t our job to be a story, and I think Stephen naturally adapted to this role, and of course never tried… Put yourself in the spotlight, “Logan said.
Miller’s mentor, elder, agrees.
“I think he realized that if he was a star, if he was a story, then he didn’t serve the best interests of the boss,” Mr. Elder said.
Now his boss is the President of the United States.
Few of the NPR interviews were surprised by Miller’s determination and professional ethics.
“These ideas, to my surprise, he has now lasted 15 years, he worked in a government department, the President and government departments find their foothold,” one of the senior high school classmate of miller silverman said.
“It was a surprise, and I always thought his ideas and things were too extreme to really put into practice.”
Silverman now knew he was wrong, just as many predicted Donald trump would never be President.
“For those who question patriotism, I can only say that there are more people who agree with me than you,” says a senior high school editorial.


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