Sadly, the new legal appetite among Nevada gun lovers is weak.
Just next to the Las Vegas strip, there is a white building in an ordinary office building, where visitors pay $50 for 25 shots from the ak-47. A billboard in front of a chest and a plump woman wielding a machine gun advertising “the ultimate filming experience”.
From the parking lot, you can see mandalay bay. It was at the country music festival, where 58 people were killed and nearly 500 injured on Sunday night.
Type 702 is one of nearly a dozen shooting ranges along the Las Vegas strip. Las Vegas and Nevada are known for gun-friendly culture and relatively lax laws.
Now Las Vegas is home to one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history, and some say lawmakers need to do more to tighten gun control regulations.
In a prayer service organized by the bishop of the Christian church, the bishop of Nevada, Dan Edwards, began his sermon by calling for action.
“What is the purpose of a 100-hair magazine clip, semi-automatic weapon and submachine gun, so that the machine gun is fired like a rifle?” He asked. “We saw that this weekend.”
But many gun owners do not see the new rules as the right response.
Gun owner NPR says he will accept policy changes because of Sunday’s massacre – but there is only clear evidence that these changes will stop the attack.
He asked us not to use his name, making his family and gun club one of the 3, 500 members making headlines. NPR left we asked to talk to people about all the shooting grounds or clubs that happened on Sunday in Las Vegas.
This particular gun owner is a member of the town’s private gun club. He says it is not uncommon for hunters in Nevada to have multiple types of guns. He has a lot of his own.
“If you try to control a coyote, you might use a caliper rifle, and if you try to control the explosion of the prairie on your farm, that would be another type,” he said. “If you’re hunting elk in a particular type of terrain, that’s another option.”
But there are 23 guns in a hotel room in gaza?
“It’s crazy to have someone in a hotel room,” he said. “It makes no sense to any of us.”
He said people responsible for the negligence of gun owners should have consequences, but it was unfair to punish them for the actions of the few attackers.
“Is this a bad thing? Yes, it is. I can assure you that if it’s not the general public feeling more upset, the users of guns will be frustrated, “he said. “It reflects what we find enjoyable.”
He said he had no answers to questions, but said he was willing to talk to anyone who believed them.
The news that the 12 up to recover from the attack of gun is equipped with the collision of inventory – use a semi-automatic rifles recoil will improve the rate of fire of firearms to nearly automatic device – after we finish.
“Taking this into account,” the members of the gun club wrote in a text message, “it would be logical and logical to make these devices illegal, as part of future proposed legislation.”
Don Turner, the President of the netted firearm alliance, which represents gun owners, users and clubs representing the NRA, said such a law would not prevent Sunday’s shooters or limit their effectiveness.
“Adding new laws to this book will not stop it,” he said. “It’s just a feel good, if we want to do enough or effective, it must have more relevance, I might say more mental health inspection and service may be more effectively to save lives, instead of worrying about the plastic can or not with a gun. “


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