Guilt: some preliminary thoughts on the “D AMN” of kendrick Lamar.
Kendrick Lamar’s fourth album, “DAMN,” was a very intense, brief and well-organized period. Three weeks ago, Lamar gave us a non-album track “The Heart Part 4,” a warning of The rest of The game, and announced ambitions; The following Friday released its single “HUMBLE”. A week ago, he announced the title and date of the album. When a DAMN. We’re ready to dive. It’s an album that takes time to digest, but it’s also a fun and themed album. This is our first thought. (if you haven’t listened to the album yet, you can play it here.)
“Have you not prayed for me? Kendrick Lamar was musing on the track when I first walked through DAMN. He turned the line into an escape – an isolated voice that identified insecurity. This is king kentak’s exhaustion and anger in the “book of sorrows” model, in which the intricate rhymes are superimposed in a way that conveys a sense of mastery and anxiety. Sounwave, the producer of the song, played Thundercat on the electrical bass and added a sonic line to the Lamar’s masterpiece, “a butterfly for the pimp.” There’s also a lyrical line: “I think that’s what it’s like to feel ‘Pac ‘, a sense of apocalypse.”
Lamar seems to be recalled and the figure of “reality TV” parker beyond dialogue, this is the closing butterfly pieces – specifically, it was a chilling, this marks the prelude to real bloodshed. Or, this is not what he said here. Through Kendrick Lamar’s new album and DAMN, fast passing can only get you so far. In particular, the dense collectives with signs and symbols seem to be made for our annotated times. The album’s first single “HUMBLE. “Is there a tie with” PRIDE “here? What does that say? What is the meaning of the cover illustration? It frames the word “DAMN”. Like the TIME magazine logo? What about the fact that “M” points form the devil’s corner of ramah? For the president-elect? Then there’s the elegance of the two bookends of the album, and the closing of the tracks (” DUCKWORTH.” The way to return to the prelude (” blood “).
As always, Lamar is obsessed with human consequences – systems and individuals, global and hyper-local. When he was in “XXX.” After naming the new President, and pointing out his predecessor, Lamar did not let anyone out of the dilemma: “but is America honest or are we guilty?” He asked, creating a key duality in the album. Even when he is with his own strength ecstasy, also can pluck up “this is the feeling of god”, rama seemed painfully aware that there is no better than god only isolated position, and the higher you fly, you are the more difficult it is to fall. Has no one prayed for it? – Nate Chinen, WBGO
“It’s the feeling of god.” Kendrick Lamar may be the greatest rapper and the most famous male musician on the planet, but k-dot doesn’t confuse praise with worship. What he imagines is omnipotent, not self-proclaimed. After three masterpieces (plus a damn good premiere), the humility in his DNA didn’t go away. If he wakes up from the death of a good Samaritan from “blood,” I might have to eat it. And released a second album on Easter Sunday, but those online rumors have more to say about us than to kendrick. Man found the box of salvation in the complex of god. But, if DAMN. His original songs and impeccable word game is any form of indicator, kendrick will reflect on a Sunday morning his mortality, rather than our life to analyze another rappers such pursuit of rebellious attitude. Frankly, it’s hard to listen to kendrick darling ground to vomit, and not think about “I am god” and even “super light beam” kanye west, where he put his friend in the White House all the nuances of put on the cloak of the Gospel. DAMN’s dilemma. It doesn’t seem to care much about the introduction of the holy spirit, but more about the reason why we first invented the holy spirit. -hart, NPR’s music.
It must not be a coincidence that kendrick Lamar gave up the DAM. Good Friday at 12:00 midnight. (I refuse to accept the hearsay – conspiracy theory – really – the second album released by K.Dot on Easter Sunday, as if we didn’t have enough red text to decipher it from this person.) You can hardly hear it. It tells the story here. There was no desperate attempt to make a radio hit. Rihanna and U2 are not even like themselves. He USES other artists like Musical Instruments – his peace? His pain? His purpose? Whatever it is, we can connect. This is important. When he revealed his soul, it was an invitation to join him. Between his exploration of sin and virtue, he was fighting something. Thank god it is not as simple or unacceptable as a moral story. I haven’t been to church for years, and I hate the Gospel music. But the narrative is filled with the irony of the living Gospel, which is quite different. Kendrick is one. Rodney Michael, NPR news, b0.
Talk about kendrick! Tell me about it! Individual song titles – “ELEMENT.” , “LUST”. , “LOVE.” , “GOD”. – evokes an honest spirituality that adds an important layer to the music experience. The religious theme runs through all 14 songs, including the bible’s deuteronomy. “And” fear.” To make this work so great reason is more than we look for in a kendrick meaningful lyric, and clean and simple arrangement lets this album – no heavy supreme layered sound, only a deep voice, interested in the bass line (to Thundercat cried out in the “FEEL”) and sparse keyboard effect, perfectly complement the melody of narrative. Force rhythm anchor each song. “Loyalty.” If you play too loudly, you will actually burst your speakers. In addition to music, these texts show nostalgia for the past. Remind people of the constant struggle and conflict at every stage of life. Life is a journey of reflection and hope, and god is leading the way. In the “FEEL.” “For me, no one is praying for me,” says kendrick. Oh, but kendrick, we are. We thank you very much, and the music blessing you continue to offer us. – sulla Mohammed, NPR news, music.
The one who shouts “love”. – “another world premiere! “- it gets more interesting every time I hear it. On Lamar and his producers are doing their best to downplay the mood, that kind of stupid backward type toast in the field of the whole stereo screaming, like forrest gump just walked into the studio, and then in the history of right to skip a sample loading MPC, production time.
“Love.” A lot of things. Functionally, this is “LUST.” Side B, like Curtis Mayfield’s “sexy tired”. In the context, this is a kind of sensual respite from the final work of the art works; Damn it. It may not be as exhausting as a butterfly’s crazy marathon, but its accuracy is shocking. And, in terms of reference, it feels like Drake’s best song Drake has never written, and Zacari fills in The space that is usually reserved for The Weeknd or The -dream on a gorgeous slide hook. Really, hear sounds so earnest and not guard against Lamar, it sounds very wonderful, his voice smooth and nervous, around the synthesizer expansion and the snare of the gating, bloom and fade without irony.
There is a lot to explore (and interrogate) on this album, but love. It’s a revelation that I keep coming back. The best hip-hop ballads tend to hit their targets at a certain Angle, their messages expressed in body worship, or incite fantasies or distort insecurity. Here, the most uncompromising voice of a generation makes his message simple: “don’t you, I don’t have anything.” -npr’s Daoud Tyler-Ameen.
Like to go to butterfly and a good boy, before it mAAd City, the first listen is overwhelming. And the second one. Just like pressing a closed eyelid and opening it up, the whole thing starts blinking slowly from the edge. Kendrick has proven himself to be a Renaissance astronaut, bringing hip-hop sounds to the same moon, where sun concludes. Now he explained that a firecracker could do the same thing. How’s that? Here, every happy eyebrow on the edge turns to the left, as the super single and the summer “DNA” song show up at the last minute. His handwriting is everywhere. We know that each butterfly’s note meeting is guided by his hand. He did the same thing with modern rap and proved his point. “My resume is real for two thousand years.” NPR’s Andrew Flanagan.
Kendrick is an album artist. We know that. But man, man, listen to DAMN. It’s huge from start to finish. Photo album bottle opener “blood”. Some important questions were raised: “is it evil? Is it weak? You decide, will we live or die?” Then kendrick put us in a small moment – “so I was walking one day.” Our narrator tries to help a blind woman find what she has lost. She shot him. From that moment on, enter a journey full of paranoia, pulse, and compactness. Kendrick questions everything – from “XXX” patriotism. “Is America honest or will we sin? ) a deep “fear”. (” why god, why do I suffer?” ) blasphemy against “LUST”. “I only need you to want me, do I ask too much? Let me stick my head in. ). He deals with his status in “YEAH”. (” I’m Israeli, don’t call me black. It’s just a color. It’s not a fact. It’s not something else.” ) and new discoveries of fame and money (” my successful shock value bolt is on me “). In music, damn it. The same is true: “XXX” has an acid jazz and paranoia distortion. (in the case of U2), the sound of the rattlesnake’s R&B, Curtis Mayfield’s false “LUST” illusion. And “LOVE” with Zacari. Pure beauty.
When you get to DAMN. In the end, kendrick was so full of thought and sound that the fatal crash on the opening circuit almost broke the memory. And then the last song, DUCKWORTH. Down, we met two other strangers, Ducky and Anthony. Said there is no any destroyer, enough to kendrick responded to him in the opening track of imminent danger: “you take two strangers, let them randomly dilemma, give them a soul, let them make their own decisions and living with it. “Once it’s over, I find myself back in the blood. Listen again to kendrick’s opening question: “is it evil? Is it weak? You decide, will we live or die?” Conclusion? If the result is the same, then the intention is irrelevant. Danger is imminent. But this is how I felt when my first couple listened. The album is so thick, so stacked, that it can cause even more. -talia Schlanger, world cafe.
Rapper kendrick Lamar performed at the 58th annual grammy awards.
When kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. Last night, while everyone else was busy letting GIFS’s head explode, I heard jermaine dupuri at a panel discussion sponsored by Nashville’s recording academy. Even in an uncomfortable studio chair, dupry talks to his body. He moves in music, as if listening to the countless hits he makes, flickering, raising his arms, and leaning toward the imaginary rhythm. Of course he is. He was composed by the music – 12-year-old Whodini video of a dancer, a tycoon in the age of nineteen created a new sound, the artist has bravely sing he wants to follow part when mariah Carey, 23 years old. When he tells the story, his energy fills the room, as if his unforgettable music, even the convenient playlist host has been created.
When I got home, I started to play DAMN. And the sense of self-transcendence overwhelmed me. The album begins with the chorus of producer Bekon. Kendrick Lamar told a story with no difficulty, telling a story that seemed to have ended with a blind man he had met in the street. Overprepreters can read the rest of the DAMN. As the last breath of kendrick’s soul to leave his body – the expression of some life in the eyes of others (or indeed, our ears). The whirlpool of memory, boasting and problems presented a ringtone called “radical black subjectivity”, a person who faced his essence, which itself appeared in the fragments. Listen to the DAMN. The overwhelming reason is that kendrick allows his audience to accept and seriously confront each of his scattered roles.
Damn it. Full of story ripples, family love and violence, deprivation and excess. But this is with music the sound, frighten, cajole, distant, surprise. Lamar elastic tenor become silly putty, into loosely, with banana dance, merge and synthesizer harmony, and then out of them, as if to embody the essence of the mechanism of pop music let before he became famous. Sometimes he sounds like Andre 3000, and his draw is psychedelic. Elsewhere, he spat out the bullets in tupac’s way. In the “loyalty” he Shared with Rihanna, their voices almost merged. (the two other features of this album cooperation schools, U2 and in light of the bedroom director Zachary), however, always kendrick back to the nature of the sound of his voice, light and soft, tension and entertaining match.
The story he tells is also on the boundary of the ego. Lamar has described himself as an angry paradox: violent shooters and innocent victims; The adventurer who told him the girl was “just let me put my head in” and the constant lover who was primarily concerned with winning trust; When he went to the bank to become a god’s winner, and the boy who had to eat the syrup sandwich, they never left the adult man. Kendrick made these stories into clips from other rappers, from ODB to Jay Z to teenager. He does not simply quote, but rather.


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