Wendy Becker (left) and Mary Norton. After the Massachusetts court ruled in 2006 that same-sex couples were allowed to marry in Massachusetts, raise their hands. For the 2020 census, the couple can choose the new reaction category of “same-sex husband/wife/spouse”.
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In the 2020 census, couples who live together will be required to define their relationship with their partner in a new way – “same sex” or “the opposite sex.” The US Census Bureau announced this change in a report to Congress on Thursday.
Between heterosexual and same-sex partners, in order to improve fbi’s data on same-sex couples. In the 2000 and 2010 census data, the Bureau used statistics on sexuality and relationship issues to conduct statistics on same-sex couples. Some heterosexual couples have mislabeled their sexual behavior and were mistakenly calculated as same-sex couples in the initial estimate.
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Problems with the relationship of the new response categories The Census Bureau researchers found that the use of the terms “same-sex” and “opposite” census forms can increase the federal government’s estimate of how many same-sex couples live in the United States. Some demographers predict that changes may help Producing the most comprehensive national data on same-sex couples can better inform public policies affecting the LGBT community.
“Some people make mistakes occasionally”
The U.S. census bureau conducted a survey in 10 years and began collecting data on same-sex couples in 1990. At the time, the category “unmarried partner” was added to the relationship issue to measure the growth trend of couples who lived together before marriage.
In the most recent questionnaire, the husband, wife, and unmarried partner all made the same response to sexual issues, which was also included in the statistics bureau’s estimate of same-sex couples. However, in the middle of the first decade of this century, researchers at the Bureau of the Bureau of the United States began to investigate whether the data were exaggerated because couples of different genders accidentally mislabeled their gender.
“Some people make mistakes occasionally,” said Gary Gates, a leading demographer, who collected data on gay, bisexual, and transgender people who served as advisors to the Census Bureau. “This mistake is simply an error. When you fill in the form, you leave the mark. Then it is unclear which box was selected.”
Since the number of couples of different genders greatly exceeds the number of same-sex couples, Gates added that a small amount of false markings can have a large impact on the data.
“Even if only couples of different genders make mistakes, they seem to be same-sex couples. It’s a question big enough because there are no better words that pollute same-sex couples’ samples,” said Gates, a former research director at Williams College. University of California Los Angeles Law School.
“This really normalized our experience.”
In addition to improving national statistics, many advocates of equal rights for gays and lesbians believe that the change in the categories of census relations is a symbolic victory.
Before Wendy Becker married her longtime partner, Mary Norton, in 2006, she remembered having to choose boxes that could never describe the relationship between the two. Once, in the hospital where she was going to undergo surgery, Becker had to complete a form. A woman who helped her answer the question made four choices: married, single, divorced, and widow.
I said, ‘I understand the meaning of these categories. But I’ve been with my partner for 15 years. It’s not for me. “I remember when I checked ‘single’, I was very sad.”’
Becker said that is why she is very happy to participate in the 2020 census, which was conducted in Providence County, Rhode Island. Local residents can choose from the new categories of relations other countries will see on the 2020 census questionnaire, including “same-sex husband/wife/spouse” and “same-sex couple.”
She added: “This does normalize the experience of our U.S. government form so that everyone can see it and everyone can see our existence.”
Nonetheless, Becker acknowledged that in the 2020 census, the addition of categories for same-sex spouses and unmarried couples would leave out many LGBT people.
“If this is about how resources are used or given to the community, we are discussing the LGBTQ community. Not everyone is married or in a relationship,” said Ronald Lewis, who is currently a single gay man.
Living in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, Lewis received a letter from the U.S. Census Bureau about participating in the 2020 census test. However, this questionnaire has no room for him and other homosexuals who are not living with a spouse or unmarried.
Germany, which supports most bailout loans to Greece, wants greeks to stick to austerity measures. The new Greek government says austerity has destroyed the economy.
Now let’s listen to the rocky relationship of recent weeks. Greece says Germany’s insistence on austerity is destroying its economy. They will talk about it when they meet in Berlin today. Joanna kakissis is from Athens.
JOANNA KAKISSIS: Christos Katsioulis is the son of a Greek father and German mother. He was outside Stuttgart and moved to Athens three years ago to open the office of the Friedrich Ebert foundation, a German think-tank.
CHRISTOS KATSIOULIS: this is to strengthen the dialogue between the two countries and build a network between the two countries.
Kakisi: but the relationship between the two countries – Europe’s largest economy and the smallest – has hit a new low in the current weeks.
KATSIOULIS: now, I think in both countries, in Greece and Germany, we are responding to the growing interdependence of Europe by returning to cheap nationalism.

Cassius: that nationalism or become very personal. Avgi, an affiliate of Greece’s leftist Syriza party, most recently published a cartoon depicting the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schauble, as the camp’s commander. At the same time, German tabloid Mr Turd declared that there should Be no more money for so-called greedy greeks.
(voice of a TV show, “GUNTHER JAUCH”)
GUNTHER JAUCH :(speaking German).
Kachis: last week, German media spent a couple of days talking about whether the Greek finance minister, varnifakis, had criticized Germany in a speech in Croatia two years ago. Katsioulis was outraged.
KATSIOULIS: instead of focusing on the real issues between Greece and Germany, we focus on the common European problems that we have at hand, rather than focusing on what the person or other person has said in the past.
Cassius: the past has had a profound effect on the greeks. Vasso Vuvali lost her business during the crisis and supported the Greek government’s efforts to secure compensation from Germany, which occupied ights during world war ii.
VASSO VUVALI :(speaking Greek).
KAKISSIS: “We’re going to pay our debt,” she said. “But the germans should also pay their debts.” But Alexis tsipras, the Greek prime minister, said Greece could not pay unless the euro zone ended austerity. Economist Elena Papadopulo says this is something the germans don’t want to hear.
ELENA PAPADOPOULOU: when you try to blame the emissaries, it means that you don’t feel like you have anything to change. To achieve the same goal, we need to understand what is going on in Europe and we need to work hard to change It.
Kakisi: German chancellor Angela merkel said she wants Greece to stay in the eurozone, and if the euro fails, the eu will fail. For NPR news, I’m Joanna kaczynski from Athens.


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