Bailey Davis, a former cheerleader for New Orleans saints, is now Megyn Kelly on March 28. Ms. Davis was fired by a saint after Posting a photo of herself in a tights on her private Instagram account.
Pele Davis is a saint – a cheerleader for New Orleans saints. That is, until she posted her photo on her Instagram account in a leotard.
The sage fired the 22-year-old in January, in violation of a code of conduct that banned the cheerleader from appearing naked, bust or underwear. Davis and her former colleagues have to follow strict rules only – saints cheerleaders cannot let players on social media attention they, must have a personal social media account, and if the player is the player, they have to leave a party or a restaurant there. The company said the rules had been made to prevent cheerleaders from being hunted by players.
Davis, a native of ellesville, Mississippi, dreamed of becoming a saint: her mother had been a cheerleader for nearly 18 years. Her daughter fired and resigned.
Davis petitioned the equal employment opportunity commission for the equal employment opportunity commission to enforce civil rights laws relating to workplace discrimination against the NFL and saints. She spoke with NPR’s lulu garcia-navarro about why she was the cheerleader, how she knew the thousands of different NFL and MLB players, and the reaction she received from her lawsuit.
Players are free to post what they want on social media. They can promote themselves, but we can’t post any information about being a saint on social media. We can’t use it in our profile pictures, we can’t use our last name in the media, we can’t promote ourselves, but players don’t have the same restrictions.
Gender discrimination and different employees’ requirements.
Football players work differently from us, and I fully understand that. But for the players, as far as I am concerned, I have to be careful where I am and pay attention to them, which is very discriminatory. …… If I posted some things, but I was wearing a suit or wearing a suit, so it is seen as sex, but players can post shirtless in lingerie, blouse, and it looks very strong and healthy. …
If I start [in front of a player], I still have to leave. It’s not just the saints, it’s any NFL team or NBA. So anyone from the pelican can walk in, I have to leave, or I’ll be fired.
Why did she become the cheerleader?
I kind of wanted to be a saint, a stepping stone to my dance career, because I knew it was a four-year cap. But in the third year, I knew I had to start looking for another job in the dance world, I want to start more on social media to promote themselves, and not I can’t let my social media open page, for people to find me. When they say, “well, you need to keep your pages secret so that they can find you,” I realized, well, it’s hard for people to find me and find another job. As a dancer, social media is how we market ourselves now.
The reaction she received in her suit.
My teammates didn’t support me. I was told that I put the team in the light of the negative environment, many girls released some content on social media, you know, this organization is great, provides many opportunities – this is true, I mean, when I am in organization, I feel the same way. We were told many times, “there are a hundred other girls who will do this for you for free.” You’re just kept shut up by the church, or they’ll replace you.
So I think when you’re in an organization, you don’t realize that it doesn’t have anything to do with it.


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