Let the Rapper music, full of Gospel songs make you warm this holiday season.
It’s a holiday. You may have time to rest, you might think, in the year after you do all of the year-end transactions before, do you want to work in January before do something, you may take a minute time for yourself.
Unless you’re not sure how to get through it. So here’s our holiday gift: we think you might like some of our favorite things. So sit in a comfortable chair and pull the Slanket around you (don’t stand in front, we know you’ve used it) and enjoy it. I wish you a happy holiday and a happy New Year.
Code transformation team
From our reporter Kat Chow in New York, here are two books to understand: The world of dreamers, Imbolo Mbue and The Wangs vs. Jade Chang.
Kat says, “these are two great books, exactly stereotypes – stories about immigrants.” “What’s interesting is that both books were written during the 2008 financial crisis, and neither of the two books is complimentary to the American version. They are both interesting and enjoyable readings. These books deal with the themes of race, inequality, money and the naked eye. Home – not dull. “
You may like them if you are looking for a long flight or stay with relatives.
From Alison McAdams, our training team and our playmate (ali has worked hard on us for two months) :
Another name for slavery, Douglas black.

We Are The Halluci Nation is the third studio album from A Tribe Called Red.

“A few years ago, I picked up a Pulitzer prize winning book, and let it on my bookshelf gaunt, because – I know – it’s big and scary, but when I finished reading Homegoing (one of my favorite novels), after I returned to it. Why is that? Part of Homegoing took place in Birmingham. The central characters have been effectively enslaved, and the communities that have been enslaved have experienced terrible work/living conditions. Another name for slavery is the version of the true story.
Another name for slavery.
“Like reconstruction, white found countless ways to regain control of black – they just began to taste the freedom – by false and absurd allegations to arrest them, and then put them in debt with their new owners incompatible. I was surprised that I didn’t know this history, and I never learned it in school (slavery ended in 1865, right?). My main image is from the Bugs Bunny. Understand the fundamentals of American history and structural racism. ”
You might like this, if: you are a story of a history of folly; You will read a great book from time to time, and you want to know more and be smarter about the SINS of the United States.
“For me, it’s been a few months, and with the arrival of winter, I need something completely immerse, so I’m lost in the western world. Of course, this program has Twitter’s critics, but I didn’t set up a bar like this to give me a puzzle (who is Arnold?). Strong performance (dandy Newton! Geoffrey white! ) and the spectacular production design, I came in. I am also very interested in the casting in the western world, it looks as if the program at least have a try to put color cast into the roles has nothing to do with their race, however, the juxtaposed with a science fiction theme parks in the world in the western United States mythology, where the romanticism is blonde hair and blue eyes, the villain is swarthy, with an accent Westworld, this is a puzzle. ”
You might like this, if you like your entertainment form puzzles, and deep imagination.
Karen Grigsby Bates from Nelson West: a book about a book and a dark and dark series.
Retro black charm; Gentleman’s quarters, courtesy of Nichelle Gainer.
“Gainer in 2014, experienced a fever epidemic of Vintage Black Glamour her Black women style and beautiful photos of history has been a lot of attention (Vintage Black Glamour), now she returned to the hands of men from the end of the 19th century to the late 70 s, if the cover of the elegant enough to attract you to (Sidney Poitier wearing a tuxedo, staring straight at you, that looks good? Yes, please! Hundreds of photos of black artists, entertainers, intellectuals, athletes and politicians will keep you nagging for hours. ”
You might like this: if you’re interested in style sociology, or you’re a fashion icon or a history buff.
Coloring books, opportunities for rappers.
“I know, Rap is me? But independent rapper Chance (birth name: Bennett, the headmaster) in this Gospel music are released with many famous musicians friends pull it all together (” I can’t for freedom, I let “time can be free,” he said). Whether he sings thanks (bless), or from an old friend (the same drug), picture book is an appropriate antidote for this ugly, despicable political year. Quote the young Mr Bennett: “blessings come when praise is raised.”
You might like it: if you like music, then the music offered by the record company is not yet Vitamixed.
Opportunity, series
“The leading character in network drama stars Hugh Laurie (Hugh Laurie), you may remember him in the department of the popular medical drama” home “plays a good solution of crutches for life-threatening medical problems (and waving) doctor, among these, Laurie is a doctor – Eldon Chance, Ph.D., a forensic psychiatrist nerve, complex in the past and the gift of a dangerous sharp, watched Laurie and he twisted the story of darkness, and pay attention to in the troubling Hulu series other familiar faces in the role.
If you like it, you might like it: you like the psychological thriller,
Our interim leader Keith Woods said: “this year I finally read the beautiful late gabriel Garcia marquez, conversion and immediately became unbearable, they can’t stop talking about their new work ‘. ‘
“I dare to read” cholera in the period of love “, but not like I hate enthusiasm, this is a film about obsession, body, and the people imagine but without the experience of love actually busy epic, hero adventures, florentino ariza, chasing elusive Fermi, when he, through war and Columbia plague will help you forget (or at least ignore) waiting for all of your vacation the bill.
Kill them. Leave.
“The other end of the spectrum of emotion is moonlight, a boy’s path to adulthood and his dawn, the ornate story of his sexual obsession. This sentence does not begin to make films or consummate ACTS in their justice. It may be best to express the beautiful film photography, standby dialogue and invisible way of TV, told me that my wife and I how long it takes to stand up from the theater seats know that kind of feeling? It was moonlight.
If you like this: you’re an escapist who’s always looking for meaning in art, but you’re not sure what you mean.
From our podcast producer Walter Ray Watson: a book about a part we can only know the book as well as a TV series about Atlanta on one side, we may not know:
Kill Em and leave: James McBride searches for James Brown and The American Soul.
“My Book in NPR Concierge recommend this Book for 2016 best books, I can’t say that this is an exploration and study of the country’s most iconic cultural characters and musician’s works, we heard James brown insisted on modern grooves and repent, and sing, and cried, I sell you a little things these days.
“But James brown is a completely mysterious person who has caused a lot of post-traumatic stress in the tabloids and in real life, and is waiting for it behind music.”
If you want to do this, you might like this: you want honestly look at an American original people, their lives and relationships are conveyed through the race And, in the big book of American history and biography, meet the people who are often ignored or reduce other fun.
“Comics, actors and hip-hop artist Alexander downer dege lo in a groundbreaking program created and become a star, shown on the show in the fall schedule, and killed all claims to be new or innovative things. It’s surreal, interesting, intense, totally unpredictable and engaging.
“In Atlanta, contemporary art, this is an incredible life unforgettable life fragments, glover plays Earn a little baby father, he used his rap cousin a small sum of money management, but with one hundred problems. Play, drugs and police and baby mother play all play a sharp social commentary, but mostly for observation and laughter.
“I know it sounds like a reality TV show, and it’s full of passion, and it can be pathological and predictable, but it’s never going to be like that.”
You might like the situation: you want to rearrange the way you watch, think about television, black characters and your life in America.
We are Halluci Nation, the third studio album of A Tribe Called Red.
From Leah Donnella, our editorial assistant (and more!) : Jazz Cartier’s hotel paranoia and the Halluci Nation of the A tribe are called red.
“At about 3 a.m. in early September, my best friend texted me a link to Youtube and left me a message. This link is a song sung by jazz Cartier “Tell Me,” it’s actually no video, only through a photo of granular has carried on the recording, I listened to the 36 consecutive “Tell Me”, the song is still stagnant in my mind.
“2016 spent a lot of time trying to get people to feel insecure, worthless, and in general is bad, I know that in the midst of all this, there are still black and brown children doing their favorite music their basement (or in the studio, I don’t know how things are done). The hotel Paranoia is the third remix of the 23-year-old Jazz Cartier, and the whole thing is a lush, neurotic and excellent winter night music.
“We are Halluci Nation, another of the most popular albums of 2016. Halluci Nation is the third studio album by the local DJ Collective’A Tribe Called Red’. It is more clear that politics (and EDM) are more bizarre than hotel delusions. My favorite is the ‘virus’ orbit, sol Williams (characteristics), the starting line, “we are not be conquered,” and then crazy music videos by Standing Rock lens will dance and abstract art.
“The two albums are from Canada, so if we have to give up on people, the people’s government of the people and the great experiment, then so be it, the experience of the United States is very good.”
You might like the situation: you’re a dancing millennial.
Our correspondent Adrian Florida said: “at a friend’s suggestion, I went to see the director of Guatemala Jayro Bustamante ‘Ixcanul’ debut album, let me fascinated, it tells a story of the Maya, maria was caught in the middle and a will get married the elderly to improve the status of family social pressure, as well as her plan to leave rural Guatemala to the pressure of the young people in the United States, fundamentally, the film is about a young woman and her mother, has suffered from a man they are determined to exert control though the destructive consequences of ideas in their lives. “(available on YouTube and Google Play).
If you like that, you might like it: you’ll feel a good story about power in the face of destruction.


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