Everyone secretly yearns for the border to move, so flogging them is like madness.

The bad girl is legendary – when it comes to his experience, the man with him almost disappears from his happiness. You might think, “who, me? Be a bad girl? “But any woman who wants to hibernate has a good time!

See, bedridden demons are a fearless attitude, not how much sex you have or whether you wear leather. “Men dig out unscrupulous women, push their boundaries, break the rules, and ask them what they want,” said Dr. Barbara Keesling, author of a guide to good girls and bad girls. So we have some playful qualities that make some women stand out and come up with seven bold ideas. These tips and tricks will keep your sex life hot forever.

DARE: I’ll be the boss in bed tonight

An evil sexy woman knows how to manipulate her power over men. Tell your man to lie in bed and wear handcuffs, scarves or ties

Put your hands together so he won’t touch you. (if you don’t have real restrictions on the game, you can simply put your hand on your head.)

Next, “you want to torture him with your teasing,” “how to tell a naked man what to do,” author and sex expert candida albicans. “Kissing his torso slowly is like reaching his pelvis and returning to his ears and neck.”

When you test him and try to touch you, ask him to tell you why he is so bad and explain that he won’t let him go free unless he convinces you. Once he has defended his case, let go of his hand and turn it over for him to take over. Setting erotic expectations is like putting a clockwork toy on your body Then listen to him describe how hot you are and how to increase your experience.

Be brave: wear a naughty dress

Inject your sexuality with more attitude, sometimes just by looking at a real seducer. “Another aspect of a woman’s erotic personality is her ability to really show off her sexuality,” the authors explained.

If you feel like a frivolous girl, can put on a white or pale pink underwear cotton underwear, then put your hair into a ponytail, or plaid skirt girl students in denim shirt

. To be an x-rated seducer, wear something red or black on pure fabric or lace, then add dark red lipstick and nails. Waxman adds: “clothing can not only help you get into reality, it can also provide visual inspiration and inspiration.

This is enough to stand at your weakness, but there are some teasing lines that are sure to roll the ball. When playing innocent CARDS, say this is your first time and ask him what to do. As a tempter, whisper that you want to touch all his different ways and places.

DARE: learn to swear

Moans and sighs (oh, oh! Very easy. It’s a dirty conversation that really brings three times the X mark to your sexual behavior. “Dirty conversations can improve the overall experience and make you feel more about it,” Royalle said. “Men also really want to be told what to do in bed because it helps them do the right thing.

First tell him how he feels. Tongue bound? Try not to fail, such as “you feel this way/you make me [an adjective]”; “When you [verb] me [part of the body], I like it.” ) and you’ll tell him how to send it to you: “oh, almost there, my body part needs your name, like this.

DARE: look at yourself

Body confidence and physical curiosity are the main characteristics of the goddess of sex, and when you make a sex tape, both are fully present. Royalle explains, “seeing the middle of you can make you feel like you’re peeping into your bedroom.” “You can also see how your partner responds and how you look when you get out of the car.” If you’re worried about becoming the next Kim Kardashian, you can skip the tape and hang your camera directly on the TV in your bedroom – without recording – while you’re watching yourself.

Because missionaries are not for good television, get into your better position to face the camera. Go to the dog style, so you can see the action or the girl, so you can see how you move. And you can definitely exchange oral sex, so you can see each other’s orgasms.


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