It’s easy to say that the trick to staying in bed for a long time is to relax. But if it’s easy, you’ll do it. A more practical? Use it as an athlete to build new muscles, especially your lungs.
“If someone trains you for a sport, they’ll first train you to breathe,” said Kumi Sawyers, a lecturer at Sky Ting Yoga in New York. “If you start breathing, like in a yoga class, or if you’re running, or coordinating your breathing and body movements, you’ll suddenly create a rhythm.
This rhythm prevents you from holding your breath, tension, or fear. Regular breathing relaxes the oxygen in your muscles. Over time, work with your body to increase your endurance in bed and multiple orgasms over time. All you have to do is sit down and practice breathing. Sawyers demonstrated how.
Step 1: start breathing
Start with 25 breaths; Over time, it accumulates to 100
Lie on your back, knees bent, and lean against each other. Your feet are wide and flat. With one hand on your abdomen and the other on your heart, close your eyes and breathe deeply. When you inhale, your abdomen rises first, then your heart. Instead, as you exhale.
Why: “you can enter this state, this is how you understand your breathing rhythm, find their own breathing rhythm – not only is through sexual behavior, and all the things will improve your life, your endurance and your ability to stay calm and don’t ‘don’t worry about it. ”

Step 2: start swinging
Start with 25 breaths; Over time, it accumulates to 100
Sit in hero’s seat, low: legs comfortably folded on knees, hands on hips. When you breathe, start shaking your pelvis: breathe in and out. Gradually, the oscillation speed should increase to an intake-out cycle per second.
Step 3: change the motion
Take 25 breaths
After swinging back and forth, start moving in a circular motion, rotating your chest around your pelvis as you inhale and exhale. As your chest continues to move in circles, place your calves and calves on the floor.
Why: “spherical energy is really what you want, and if it’s too linear, it becomes stiff, and you want to really be able to move all the joints that are circulating through the body.
Step 4: apply it to your bedroom
Foreplay begins to relax and increase heat. “If you don’t heat it up, you can’t stretch your muscles,” Sawyers said. “Otherwise it will break down and you have to pay attention to gender. “Foreplay, this is where you started.”
As your partner gets worse, remember that through your rhythm and breathing, this is what you did in the previous exercise. With this in mind, you can control the build to climax without losing control.
Why: “just like you want to be in the car driving fast, you need to turn left, you must slow down, if you think you’re ready to orgasm, but you don’t want to, you breathe a little slow, don’t move fast, the rhythm will slow down again, you have a moment can recalibrate the body, let you have more time to go back to climax. “


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