Girls: young women of the 1960s, sex and rebellion

A large number of views, taking into account the concept or characteristics of gender in American culture until the 1960s, are unlikely to apply “gender discord” and rebellions to wartime and cold war periods. The decades indeed reminiscent of the long white hair girl and the popular image of the Hollywood glamour, but the popular word female sexuality, and information ethics is considered to be conservative, around the heterosexual marriage system and core family as a microcosm (white). The state. Although revolutionary enthusiasm, change sexual attitudes, increase the visibility of female sexual violence expression is often accompanied by decades of lawsuits, in the 1940 s and 50 s, many young women and women to participate in a series of behavior and practice, played down the female sex the desired specification. As Amanda Littauer said the second world war, the bad girl “left a young women claim to heritage, s after the war the conservative and liberal response”, caused the call of the female sexual desire, and affect the sixties and seventies of the 20th century sex culture. (19)

195While scholars have highlighted the more liberal aspects of the 1940s and 0s, the scholarships rarely examine the experiences, thoughts and experiences of women and their sexual experiences. Starting in the 1970 s, feminism and gay historians have to put the war as the main line of heterosexual women, gay men and lesbians bring new opportunities and economic system in an unprecedented fashion. The post-war period the United States is a paradox about sex for decades may be limited, a voice debate, lead to homosexuality and the civil rights movement, prompting a challenge to segregation, and saw the publication of the Kinsey report. Women and girls in the sex moral panic, “bad girl” before the 1960 s and gender, it is temporary, but the practice has long been a part of the “sexual revolution”, and refused to blockade of women and girls in the ’60 s sexual contact. (2)

Finding and revealing women’s experiences and agents and their sexual behavior at this historic moment is not easy. Given that most women and girls said: “[368] return history” – especially when historians focus on gender correctly, race, gender and cross class – feminist historians must be creative in terms of methodology and theory. (82) the doll in her in this paper, we put forward a way of “omnivorous”, keep track of pop ideology and forms, from the relationship between the various work and the reasoning, including: contact state and federal reports, trying to track military women’s name as a possible source of STDS; Policy makers and law enforcement officers control society in the form of power and power; The social science of observing and understanding postwar culture; Where possible, women and girls themselves testify. (11)

Women authorities Littauer often contact site, such as government officials leave files (the “report”), and behavioral evidence to infer female sexual harassment, government officials are trying to limit the interaction between soldiers and civilians, many of whom are regarded as violation of social space normally reserved for men. Know that the war has changed the landscape, Littauer thinks, officials and the public are worried about, they think that sexual liberalism wave erosion will erode the institution of marriage, and increase the occurrence of “juvenile delinquency”. (21) these anxieties are primarily concentrated in the bodies of women and girls;


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