The days between Christmas and New Year are a good time to think about what you want to do next. Relax as much as you can. 2018 will be a year of great love and collective love. This is how your love life will change from now until January.

Look at the optimistic Jupiter through love and relationship libra in 2017. Jupiter will be in most Scorpio in 2018, which means any relationship starting in 2017 will be a scary, exciting and exciting growth. For those of you who have just started their 2018 single, it means that it’s going to be the year you change and fall in love.

Jupiter isn’t the only planet that has a lot to say about your love life this year. Venus will be retrograde in October, not once, but twice in libra and Scorpio. This means that your relationship will undergo major changes that may be painful but ultimately more nutritious. This will be the year to give up all the obstacles to your love. Know that scorpios will find some skeletons in the process. If the star has something to say, it will change your love life in 2018:

In the past, you were close to love, like a bright torch, Aries. Your fire is beautiful, but when your fire gets out of control, it burns everything in your path. In 2017, you experienced some explosions. In 2018, ash will be removed from the debris and placed into a smoldering flame. This is new to you because you tend to kill relationships. Let your lamp be your lantern and go all the way to the deepest and darkest place of love.

2018 will allow you to change the needs you encounter in your Taurus relationship. This is the year you pick up your spade and start looking after your garden. Find seeds buried in the ground and plant them again. If you’re in a long-term relationship, this may mean adding something new to your partner by traveling together. If you’re single, or if you find your relationship is about to end, now’s a good time to start turning the compost.

In the past few years, Gemini, your love for you is like going to a costume party. Every new relationship is like another partner. Depending on how you think your partner finds something beautiful, you can change the mask around the dance floor at the beginning of each session. Like it or not, your peacock feathers, Gemini, will be stripped out in 2018 to reveal your nakedness. For you, you’ll realize that a simple party life won’t win lasting love. Focus on the actual act of your love every day, so the first seed of attraction has the opportunity to grow into something more mature.

In love, you tend to mix metaphor and cancer, but in 2018 you’ll learn to cut and chase. You need to be honest with your relationship and let people know what you’re thinking. You need to show how you feel, not just disappear when things get tough. This year, your love life will build and maintain peace of mind. This is a year of better communication with your relationship, so you can share your water with someone you really trust.

You’ve always been proud to be a loud and gorgeous lover, Leo. 2018 will give you a basic sense of self. This is the year you plan to fix some cracks in your foundation. In the past, you used kindness as a charity. You think you are the one who heals everyone. This year, you begin to become more humble in your relationships. Until you save yourself, Leo, you didn’t save anyone.

Virgo (winter solstice, September 22)

Love in 2018 will make you feel comfortable in virgo. In the last few years, you don’t feel like you have anything to trust. Once your relationship stabilizes, your job or health will take something else away from you. 2018 will bring you more opportunities, such as virgo, to relax. You’ve worked hard to get here. You can enjoy a spa trip.

Libra (23 September solstice, 22 October)

For you, the library, 2018 will overturn your operational relationship. In the past, you may have become addicted to your relationship, and you end up suffocating. Maybe you’ve built an empire that works for others. This year will require you to change the way you approach conflict, libra. Your tendency to be kind is sweet for others, but in love and relationships, you tend to let others walk around you. For your own benefit, 2017 will keep you passive.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

In 2017, the magnifying glass will use its own method of self-destruction – Scorpio. In the past, when people were too close, you used to attack. In 2018, you will stop giving up your fear of control. This means you’ll have to assess your pain. Why do you insist on cutting off people who really value you? Can you find a way to make sure your protection doesn’t get rid of all the people who care about you?

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Your love life is often not just a sign of something else, but a lasting blessing lives longer. No matter what you’ve done in the last two and a half years, you’ll turn around this year. 2018 will be the year to say goodbye to your single life, build strong partnerships, or move you away from where you really need it now. If you spend a lot of time, or moving from one relationship to another, you’ll meet someone this year who will make you think about settling down. You build your life on experience, Sagittarius, which means that regular changes will be good things you’ll never know. Sit down and see what you’ve learned.

Capricorn (dec 22 – jan 19)

In the past, you’ve been careful about your love, Capricorn. This year, you will change the way you communicate your intentions. As you begin to become more spontaneous, you will have the opportunity to open up to you. When you try to plan every turn and turn, you miss the place and the present. Moreover, the plan was broken. This year, when things don’t go well, you don’t bury your head in the sand, but you’ll find that every failure is perfect.

Aquarius (January 20, solstice, 18)

Love can make you, Aquarius, but as long as you keep giving you all your attention, it will escape you. This year is when you realize that when you have time to engage with their relationship, your relationship is the best, allowing them to give up and allowing them to do other things. Over the past few years, you’ve tried to pursue what you want, but by 2018, when you finally learn how to stay calm, your approach will change. Don’t try again. Love will come back to you forever.

Pisces (Feb. 19 solstice, March 20)

Your warmth, healing energy, Pisces, will attract the injured. They think you’re a miracle worker. You are a priority, but you also need to give yourself some medicine. In 2017, your therapeutic tendencies have exhausted you, which means you will have a better lifestyle in 2018, and your relationship will be a bit distant. It will be a pleasant time to enjoy an online connection, or to meet someone in a normal day job, such as in class or in business.


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