Do you have enough men? Frustrated by love? Read this!

You meet all kinds of people, mean, infidel, con man, super independent and irrelevant. You tell yourself you’ll never find it lost. You decide to buy a cat and eat ice cream in front of sex and the city because it’s the only safe way to have a love life. By proxy…

The more men you meet, the more tired you will be. How many hours of traffic do women with PMS have?

Every little mistake you make will irritate you and help you convince yourself to live a better life alone.

If your proposal looks too independent one night, you can cancel it and tell you that you need more usable and thoughtful people. If he forgets the details of your life, you’ll say he’s not interested enough in you. In a word, every little thing is an excuse for loneliness, because when one is alone, one feels safe. Who can break your heart? Of course, it’s not your cat that loves your company and your love, you give him twice as much stuff to find a partner… Less hair!

Then you have an endless list of criteria, and even start looking for your soul mate through his Chinese zodiac sign to further promote your neurosis.

You want to be perfect. Nothing else. You will not accept any wrong, defective or derogatory remarks. You are the mistress of your heart, and you will protect it at all costs Only go into your dream prince, design and draw a bit of anything you can imagine.

Women are “good at being alone, not good at the company,” and I’m not telling you that you didn’t think of the right way. It would be wrong for the woman who was there before you. Me!!!!!!!

Like you, I met a lot of people when I was single. I say this year because I’m a tough bachelor. I’ve known for years that the more we meet, the more disappointed we become, the more we leave behind. Every failure is a wound, every disappointment is a pain, our heart is so hurt, no serious person dare to approach it, for fear of betting, and satisfaction is in front of him.

It makes sense that you have repeated failures. Yes, our society is full of men with two faces. Your back is more popular than the daily life of a harmonious couple. But not everyone is. You are also

Share responsibility.

If you condemn someone who is not right and leave you in a negative and unsuccessful way, you will unconsciously attract the same person and repeat the same “pattern”.

When I meet someone, I desperately look for someone in my life. The bar is high and my expectations are unrealistic. Disappointed, I came to see my date and armor worthy of the greatest warrior. There was a huge obstacle in my mind that I didn’t realize I was sabotaging my chance to protect myself.

If I share this confidence with you, then you know you can change direction. Every time you fall into a huge crater while walking down the street, you can change course or get around obstacles.

When you’re facing a potential candidate, learn to relax and be quiet, especially positive. Hunt in your head “he’ll betray me” or “he’s not serious.” Don’t create self-fulfilling prophecies! Because in the end, you attracted your project! Negative thinking can lead to failure because your defensive, negative, and hyper-analytical attitude can lead to a person fleeing the scene. He’ll leave without looking back, and you’ll say, “they’re all like this,” or you’re so unlucky.

When you do this, maybe the person is serious, interested, and upset. But if you try to get out of the mess and tell you it’s going to work, you’re a married woman, and you’re lucky to see you, so maybe you’re giving up on a commitment and joy that can lead to his life.

If he really wants to seriously ask a man about your failure and perform voodoo in front of him on your past dates, it won’t make you attractive but desperate. One must see that you are not looking for someone, but that a lover can be an asset in your life, not the essence of your progress.

I made these mistakes a long time ago. I looked at the couple, and I admired and admired them. What did I do when the beautiful brown man was by his side? My followers knew nothing, and told me that after so many failures, I might think of going back to my sisters. But they didn’t change me to save me from this miserable single life. Everyone asked me why I met so many toads. Do I still believe it?

I’ve never been disappointed. I give up. I actively tell myself that I am a complete woman with good values, and one day, good things will come to see me.

Let me imagine. This may seem absurd, but it does work. I closed my eyes, saw it, with us, and 60 years later we held the rocking chair again. I couldn’t give him his face, but he was there, and I knew that someday my dream would be love in my heart, love me, and it happened.

However, in order to see him, I had to change my usual track and tired man.

I accept its flaws because they do not undermine my deep worth. It’s not perfect, but I’m not perfect. No one, not even you! It doesn’t list my unrealistic standards, but it’s the overwhelming majority. Then, I realized that if I had to redo the list, today would be very different. My priorities have changed and now I realize that someone really needs to make me happy. This list is perfect because it’s perfect To me!

I know how to open my love, see the sun behind the storm often piercing my heart. I appreciate his hand today.

I hope this information will bring you back. No matter how many men don’t fit you, no matter how many 10,100 or 1,000 people don’t fit you, you know it’s a good place. It takes so many twists and turns to find it, which will ensure you keep it and expand your love. He couldn’t resist the grace!

Good luck! But now you know as well as I do that luck has nothing to do with it!


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