When men and women are interacting, they will contact and understand each other through a certain period of time. How can we establish a healthy relationship when dating? What problems should we pay attention to when dating? Let’s learn the following appointments:
Dating notes:

(1) First understand in the group, don’t enter the individual exchange too soon. Reasons and benefits:

1. Have a general understanding and contact with the opposite sex.

2. Maybe you have not yet reached a period suitable for dealing with the opposite sex and preparing for marriage.

3. You can avoid being identified by others as “a pair” and naturally avoiding them, so that you have lost many other friendships invisibly.

4. You can avoid having to fix objects too early and lose the chance of other choices.

5. After this, it is better to make the right choices and appropriate contacts.
(2) Contents and methods of dating:

1. Type —

(1) Dynamic: playing, outing, cycling, flying kites, etc.

(2) Static: dining, listening to concerts, listening to lectures, visiting exhibitions, watching movies, reading, reading, prayer, etc.

(3) Service: cleaning the church, visiting (friends, friends, orphanages, etc.), writing cards, organizing books, helping others to take care of children.

2. Note:

(1) It can enhance mutual communication and understanding, including ideas, concepts, personalities, habits, interests, growth processes, family backgrounds, etc.

(2) Be creative and avoid being dull and boring.

(3) Be careful with physical contact.
(3) Physical contact (sex):

Some people said, “Love, let them sit tightly, although there are still many seats in the bench.” It can be seen that love is intimate, when a pair of men and women are in love, when they fall in love, naturally I hope or are willing to be more intimate with each other, but the problem of physical contact often becomes a problem in the hearts of men and women in love. Therefore, we need to explore this aspect in particular.

1. When can I start physical contact? (When)

(1) It is not possible to have physical contact without a separate date.

(2) The slower the better, the better.

(3) It is best to have physical contact after having a marriage contract.

2. To what extent can physical contact be made? (What)

(1) The order of progress of general physical contact: (from shallow to deep: holding hands – shoulders – waist – hug – kiss – caress – sexual intercourse.)

(2) The so-called sexual relationship refers to the existence of “sexual intercourse”, that is, the crime of committing adultery, which is absolutely impossible before marriage.

(3) I have sinned in my heart. (Matthew 5:27.28) Therefore, even without physical contact, you may commit a crime. The extent to which physical contact can be reached, and there is no certain limit, is related to the mind in the individual’s heart, and the two can jointly restrain and control. At the same time, remind the sisters that they should pay attention to their own wear, do not expose too much, so as not to cause men’s impulses, because men are easily affected by vision in terms of sex, women are different.

(4) The slower the progress, the better.
3. Reasons (Why)

(1) One-way street: The contact between male and female bodies has this characteristic, and only advances and does not retreat.

(2) Easy speeding: progress beyond other rational communication and emotional establishment.

(3) Avoid paying too much attention to the intimacy of the body, while ignoring the communication of the mind or normal activities.

(4) Avoid falling into temptation and offending God and offending the other.

(5) The time to officially marry you may be quite long.

(6) The less progress before marriage, the more enjoyment after marriage.

(7) In the event of a breakup in the future, the less contact with the original body, the less damage and suffering left to each other.


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