We know that in life, every time and place, and environmental issues will directly affect sexual desire, but we all know that sexual desire is also directly related to the smooth progress of sex life, so below we specifically know that people are in different environments. The change in sexual desire. See which days of the week are the most prosperous?

Sexual behavior needs time and place. In the afternoon, although sexual desire is high, it is not suitable for sex. In the evening, I completed a day’s work, which is more suitable for Qingqing and me.

1. Winter is the peak of pregnancy.

Every year on September 16th, millions of people around the world celebrate their birthdays, the largest number of birthdays in the world. This also shows that winter is the peak of pregnancy.

2, December is the annual peak of pregnancy, August is the “low tide” period of pregnancy throughout the year.

According to the University of Texas research, “From a biological point of view, the reason is that the quality of sperm in summer is not high, and the long nights will affect ovarian function. In December, there are many holidays, the weather is cold, people are more concentrated and more likely to become pregnant.”

3, Friday, the most people who love sex, Monday is a low-sex period of sexual behavior.

The data comes from the 2011 sex survey of “Turning to Tokyo.” The survey involved the time, location, frequency, and identity of sexual partners of men and women in Tokyo. It turned out that 56% of people will have sex on Friday, followed by Saturday, 30%, followed by Thursday, Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday and Monday.

4, 83% of people like to be intimate on rainy and cloudy days.

A large survey conducted by a condom company in the United States shows that people are more likely to have intimate desires on rainy days, and their feelings will become closer.

5. Some people refuse to be intimate because of the hot weather, and some people are reluctant to be intimate because of the cold. The former is twice as large as the latter.

A US survey found that 35% of people had repeatedly refused to be intimate because of the heat, and 19% of those who refused to be intimate because of the cold weather.

6. The chance of intimacy at night is 13 times that of the afternoon.

The people surveyed said that sexual behavior needs to be timely and good. In the afternoon, although sexual desire is high, it is not suitable for sex. In the evening, one day’s work is completed, which is more suitable for Qingqing.

Do you understand the way men express love?

What are the ways people express love? Many wives or women like to complain. The men around them don’t love themselves, but there are actually some men. The love for you is not expressed in words, but a silent one. Love. Now the gender health experts take stock for everyone, and the man expresses the silent way of love.

1. Listen to each other

Chatting with others, talking about news or chatting with friends online is easy. When your lover wants to talk to you, you should actively listen, stop what you are doing, and focus on it. Listen to what she wants to express, understand what she cares about and worry about, or what she really likes. Do some nod or eye contact, indicating that you are paying attention here.

2. Prepare unexpected gifts

You must have given gifts to your loved ones, such as on their birthdays, Christmas or special occasions like Valentine’s Day. But have you ever given a gift someday? For the recipient and the presenter, an unexpected gift brings the most heartfelt happiness. However, this gift does not cost too much. For example, send their favorite chocolates, a bunch of small flowers, or you know a book they like… and so on, you can’t use much money, you will find that this is also a good saying “I love you” The way.

3, take the initiative to do housework

For most people, a very popular gift is to help with housework. If your lover is always clean, then you can clean the kitchen for her and give her a surprise. If you are often suffocated, then don’t ask for cleaning. You will slowly discover that there are actually many small ways to make some people feel comfortable on that day and let the other person know where they are in your heart.

4, make a special dinner

If you still have a takeaway on Friday night, why not give yourself a hands-on opportunity? Prepare a special dinner for your lover, you don’t need to find any special interface, and you don’t have to be on Valentine’s Day or Other anniversaries. Including her favorite food, take a few minutes to clean up the table and put a little music. I promise that you will remember this night for a long time, even in ordinary things that you usually sit on the sofa, you will remember it.

The love of a man often likes to pass through the actions in life, but does not tend to speak out his love in words. In fact, in the face of such a man, women should feel lucky, because such a man is not a rhetoric. His love for you can be seen.

After understanding some common sense of these sexual desires, I hope that men and women can pay more attention to this aspect. If you want to have a harmonious sex life and experience different sex and happiness, you can’t ignore the common sense, because sex is also Pay attention to the right place and the right place.


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