The flatness of the buttocks is one of the troubles of many girls. It is the season to show off the big figure. How can I do without a pretty hip? So how can I practice my buttocks and practice my hips?

I don’t have time to exercise, and I can work out when I get off work. But the walking posture is wrong, or the shoes are not properly worn, not only can not reduce the fat, but also may become fatter, and even seriously affect the health of the feet. For example, if you walk on a squat, you can’t burn your leg fat at all. When you let your calf become thick, it will also affect the hip muscle deformation and sagging.

Nowadays, many buildings have elevators, so people become very lazy. Even if their floor is not very high, they are not willing to climb stairs. In fact, climbing stairs is a very good way of exercising, not only can consume a lot of heat. When climbing the stairs, each step on the two steps can make your thighs and hips muscles exercise, which can make the buttocks firmer.

Put your legs together, hold your hands on the wall, straighten your legs, stretch your hips for 10 seconds, then stretch the wall for 10 seconds. Repeating this movement will not only make the hip curve more beautiful, but also There is also the effect of abdomen, making the small abdomen flat.


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