Vegetarian nutritionist Julieanna Hever pointed out, “When people challenge regular eating habits, it is inevitable that they will conflict with family and friends. Family members may bitterly discourage you. You will also lose some chances to have dinner with friends. This is a test of your psychology. It’s time, why do you want to be a vegetarian? Is there a strong and firm reason in your heart? If not, it is likely to be abandoned because of the words of the people around you.”

The most easily lacking of vegetarians is vitamin B12, because this nutrient is almost absent from plant foods. B12 helps maintain nerve and blood cell health and synthesizes DNA. Lack of B12 can make people feel sleepy, weak, constipation, weight loss, nervous problems and depression. Therefore, some vegetarians are prone to depression or prone to mental illness.

The main sources of vitamin B12 are meat, eggs, milk, and seafood. If you don’t eat meat, then you still need to drink some milk and yogurt. The study found that the vitamin B12 utilization rate of milk is higher than that of meat. According to the same food vitamin B12 content, edible dairy products can increase the level of vitamin B12 in blood most effectively.


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