Whenever the approach of the summer, also is the underwear is popular, underwear with its smooth non-trace cup design, coat collocation, inside the hearts of the beautiful girls, non-trace underwear’s main characteristic is smooth, the earliest is the smooth non-trace underwear, however, in the “perfect” concept has not yet appeared, people call it “pure color bra”.

Half piece seamless underwear, in fact, is relative to a piece of seamless underwear, can also be said to be a piece of seamless underwear improved version. The side that basically made to strengthen traceless underwear closes a function and add the bud silk embroidery that has feminine flavour extremely to upgrade a design, relatively one piece type does not have traceless underwear to close the meeting on adjusting bosom to be a little better in the side, suit bosom slant outside soft bosom enlarge prolapse, loose and flat wait for a moment general bosom model size or the schoolgirl dress with small bosom.

In general, traceless underwear has a common characteristic, that is traceless collocation, as to specific choose which kind, the actual situation according to oneself even, for instance bosom size, bosom model state, wearability circumstance and wearability effect will decide.


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