Not every couple will agree on sex, and many couples who eventually go to break up are probably because of sexual disagreement. Therefore, the wedding night is the best time to test the sex of both husband and wife. Sexual harmony helps marriage to be more stable, and the climax is undoubtedly the icing on the cake.

For most women, it is a good fortune to be able to experience a climax in sex. So far, a large number of women have never experienced the beauty of the climax. Although everyone has heard of “multiple climaxes”, those who have actually practiced this legendary passion are extremely rare.

Some sexual climaxes come strangely, perhaps an inexplicable quarrel, a jealous battle, and even a window in a tall building. These are undoubtedly catalysts for generating desire. Therefore, although Lin Ying and the guards are quarreling, they are small and noisy, and are ready for the occurrence of sex. The sex that occurs after the quarrel and divorce will only make each other cherish each other.

For couples who have been married for many years, it is easy to burn out sex. Therefore, the short-term difference can adjust the feelings between husband and wife, especially on the eve of the night, each will produce disappointment and attachment, and treat sex with special investment. Sex at this time is extremely prone to climax.


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