Everyone loves things, successful dating can capture the other half of the heart, and harvest a happy love.

Many people are expecting a date and are afraid of dating. They are worried that they are afraid that their clothes will not match the aesthetics of the other party. They also worry that they will make a mistake because they don’t understand each other, or that some action or habit will bring misunderstanding to the other party. It’s too careful to go on a date, so many people think that they have not done well after a date and regret it!

If you are very satisfied with the other party, remember not to show too much. If you go up, you will talk nonstop, or all kinds of courtesy and diligence, but will make girls disappointed with your image. Because no girl would like to talk to a person who just met, and keep in mind that girls like people who want to help them when they need them, and never like people who just know each other. .

The first time you meet with a girl, you must not go up to smoke or drink. Because in our cultural traditions, most of the appointments are held at the dinner table. Some men like to drink when they eat. It is nothing to drink after the relationship is cooked. But the first time you drink, the other party will think that you are a drinker. If you are persuading a girl to drink alcohol, the girl may feel that you are not doing anything against her, and thus it is against you.

Some men also have a big addiction. When they meet for the first time, they will want to smoke when they are nervous. At this time, they must hold back because girls don’t like to smoke their first person when they meet for the first time. If the girl asks you to smoke, This topic can be euphemistically answered: sometimes, but with you, afraid of smoking, you will not smoke. At this time, the girl will feel that you are a man who knows how to take care of her feelings and gentlemen.

Dating gifts are usually given to girls by men, and it is very important to prepare a gift and send it out at the appropriate time. As mentioned earlier, you should understand the general preferences of the other party before the date. For example, if the other person likes a brand of lipstick or loves some style of earrings, then your chance will come. You can vote for it. It means that because a man is tempted to see if he is willing to pay for you, although it is the first date, if he does not want to pay for a meal, it is not necessary for such a second time. Dating!

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