There are thousands of reasons why girlfriends are angry, and they can even avoid reasons, because they are women. The following is just an example of just throwing bricks into jade, but it can be done according to these ideas.

?When women are in a mood, asking for help, working or being spoiled, they often want to get an affirmative answer. The woman is most afraid of the uncertain tone and the incomprehensible answer. If you answer a “no” like this. Then you just push yourself into the fire, she has endlessly gone.

?My girlfriend said that I am hungry, I must answer it. I will buy it for you or go directly to the restaurant. Don’t ask her what she wants to eat, because if she knows what she wants to eat, she will say it directly.

?If the girlfriend wants to go out, you must say: Go, let’s go to the movies. Don’t ask if you want to go there, if she knows what she wants, she won’t be bored.

?If she said that you are angry with her. Don’t deny it, but directly say that you have to think about it or sincerely say that you punish me.

There is only one goal. The emotional change of a woman comes from some uncertain psychology. She just wants you to help her complete a certain direction. A lot of things as long as you give a positive. If the girlfriend says that there is no money, you can just give her money, she will not care how much it is. If she says that she is tired on the way to work, you just have to say, I will pick her up at the station, she will not really want you to appear at the station.

Of course, she will also ask you if you love or not, you will never hesitate to say, I love. But men just don’t like to give a positive answer to other things, try it. The girlfriend’s mood is much less.

Don’t make love and ignore you, otherwise your life will be very problematic.

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