Gynecological diseases are common and frequently-occurring diseases in women. However, due to the lack of proper understanding of gynecological diseases, lack of health care for the body, and various bad habits, the physical health is deteriorating, leading to some female diseases.

Some women S cherish themselves, but there is an error in understanding. They think that as long as they pay attention to cleaning the buttocks, they can maintain the hygiene of the genitals and not gynecological diseases. However, excessive cleaning and abuse of the lotion will change the original acidic environment of the genitals, and the self-cleaning of the reproductive system. The function was destroyed, and various bacteria swarmed in and out.

Many professional women need long-term work due to work, long-term weight on the buttocks, poor blood circulation, neuralgia of the tailbone, rough skin on the buttocks, long hard blocks, sputum, wet poison, skin sputum, not only itch, but also unbearable.

The woman’s lower body, the most concentrated and most problematic part is located above the lower thigh of the waist. This mysterious genital triangle is called the woman’s secret garden. According to statistics, almost 100% of the 100 women have been plagued by gynecological diseases. There is no doubt that the biggest enemy of a woman’s lower body is gynecological disease!

The private part of a woman is called a private garden and is one of the most important parts of women. However, many women strengthen their body nutrition, pay attention to facial maintenance, and are keen to lose weight while neglecting the care of their private gardens, so that they have gynecological diseases. Skin disease, resulting in black color, odor, eczema, body sputum, only suddenly wake up, regret late.

Because the area is close to the anus, the skin is wrinkled and the sweat glands are rich, so it is most important to do the cleaning and protection work. Especially during the menstrual period, the sanitary napkin must be changed frequently to prevent the blood stain from becoming the culture medium of the bacteria; wash the hands before entering the toilet, and change the underwear frequently to avoid bacterial invasion.

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