The man’s virgin complex is a kind of almost instinctual emotion under the constraints of the traditional ideas of five thousand years. Just as the male animals in nature do not allow their territory to be occupied by foreigners, men do not want their women to have been occupied by another man. The man’s “virgin complex” also stems from this psychology.

Every man has a curiosity, during which men will be curious about the past of the lover, from time to time to ask what your past time, or you have a few past. They also deserved that they should know the past of lovers. You should not think that he cares and pity your past. He is only afraid of some uncontrollable accidents causing harm.

Men are aggressive, this is the truth, but you have neglected the man’s kindness. Men are in this respect, but they are more than women. A man must not only possess your heart, your present and future, but also want to take possession of her past. Males have a strong desire for monopoly. If you are already his girlfriend, but the man is not feeling enough about this monopoly in front of him, even your “past” wants to be based on it, even if you know that this is unrealistic, it is hard to do so. A desire may reach a malignant expansion.

The result of this almost abnormal psychology will even make men feel that the child is superfluous, they can not tolerate the child and he snatched your attention. Some men actually think that children are the “third party” that affects the relationship between husband and wife. This shows how terrible the man’s possessiveness is.

Men are very strange, he will equate virgins with men’s self-esteem. Therefore, once a man discovers that he is not the first woman, he will have a taste of “breaking” that others do not want.

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