Males are more likely to be depressed when they break up, but men are another sign of emotion when they just break up. There is such a question, when the Ark of Love meets the iceberg, who will handle it better? The answer is: women. Several studies have shown that men are more depressed, grief and anxious than women after breaking up. Men should feel very strong, but they are actually very fragile.

When the boy was defamed, his first reaction was: I wouldn’t let her know how painful I was! How did he do it: go out with a few friends. According to the Men’s Health online survey, 26% of men will be drunk after a breakup, but this is a minority. 36% of men feel that they should see their new rights, and thank those who marry him. In fact, both reactions are masks that mask their true feelings. It does not help at all with sadness and anger.

Men have been saddened by lost feelings, even after their beggars. And women will cry immediately after breaking up and will tell the truth. The study found that women face depression when they face their feelings of failure, but they quickly get out of the shadows. Many men want to suppress their emotions, but they can’t release their feelings.

One of the reasons why women recover faster than men after breaking up is that women have amazing circle of friends. Studies have shown that men rely on love for emotional intimacy and social support, and women like to use family and female friends as the safest sustenance. Including mothers, sisters, friend beauticians and drivers, no matter who the other person is, the more she talks, the faster she recovers.

On the other hand, men will be dressed up as if they had nothing to do, and they are not trapped by feelings. Six months later, when a man is willing to face his feelings, what he thinks is to go back to the girl.

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