For women, knowing how men show love is a very important thing, so you won’t miss your favorite man. Because men want to please their favorite objects, they will do many different things in front of the favorite woman, let you know that he likes you and loves you.

Pretending to be deep

Whenever you go to the streets, he will be very worried, or he will tell you about his love when he has a chance, and he will say more and more, the more heavier…

Motivation analysis: Some men like to dress up to attract the opposite sex, this person may belong to this category. If you will be moved for his sadness, and even tears will be full, he will naturally take further action on you. Of course, it is not excluded that he just wants to find someone to talk about.

He will ask everyone around you about everything about you. When someone inadvertently mentions you, he will definitely make an excuse to go and listen…

This “he” should not be familiar with you, but he knows the truth of “knowing that he knows, he wins every battle”, so he will do everything possible to inquire about your news, and he is not saying that he is not prepared. However, it is also possible that he is just a timid secret lover, and your name is satisfied.

He usually speaks indiscriminately, but in front of you, he is gentle and gentle, and his words are slightly cautious, and his face is a bit silly.

Women always like Sven, a man of greatness, and men think like this. So, if he really pursues you, of course, he will “reshape” his image and make you feel good about him.

As the saying goes, “women are happy for the people.” In fact, men have not been like this. They think that dressing has a great relationship with self-confidence. If you have a certain amount in his mind, he certainly does not want to go to the streets with you, the men around him are “type” (smart).

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