Five of the 40 men and women chose this sentence, specifically, it was basically male. It seems that men’s pressure in this society is so real. It may be a way to relax with a woman who likes it. So, when a woman gently says “Do you need a break?”, their thinking is easy. I was taken to the bed. Of course, whether or not there is a woman’s “rest” around is the most important thing.

Of the 40 men and women surveyed, only three chose this sentence. The reason for everyone is that everyone will feel lonely. Compared with other sentences, this sentence is more like a pitiful attempt to cause the other person’s pity. Expressions, not temptations; and, this sentence is easily understood by some people who like to turn the way of thinking: “I feel very lonely with you”… Isn’t that counterproductive?

Seven of the men and women surveyed said that when they saw this sentence, they thought of the words of Miss Bao, who was on the ship in the Besieged City, saying: “You look like my fiancé.” At that time, Mr. Qian’s explanation was: When a woman said that you look like her fiancé, it means that if she is not engaged, you are eligible for her love; or, she already has a fiancé, you can enjoy her fiancé. The right without having to fulfill the obligation to marry her. Similarly, it looks like an old lover, perhaps suggesting that you can become her lover with her. Because he (she) is so obsessed with the old lover, but after all, it is old, so everyone is still looking at the moment.

In such a busy life, it is a big problem to spend with someone at night. So “I am free this evening” has become one-fourth of the 40 men and women surveyed. Of course, this “free time” refers to the whole night. Therefore, we can only spend together and do something that everyone has “sexual interest”. Of course, some people say that “having free” does not mean that you can do further things. After all, there are many things you can do.

This sentence is loved by men and women who like to play with little fun. As for what DVDs you will watch, you can use your imagination. Maybe it is a French comedy, or a American love movie, or even a Japanese horror film. Of course, the most recommended is the erotic blockbuster of Ding Du-Balas. If you want to watch the A film, it is best to go to Europe and France. The Japanese metamorphosis and the American physical stimulation are really lacking in interest.

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