Sexually intense female sexual desire

This kind of phase shows that it is more neurotic and suspicious. It is a person who is personally involved. Women with such eyes have more demands for sexual desire.

Strabismus woman’s sexual sensibility

Women with a little strabismus in their eyes are emotionally motivated women, and they are impulsive. Women with such eyes in the actors perform naturally when performing a love scene that embraces kissing. Because the eyes are squinting, the focus is blurred, and the uncomfortable feeling is avoided.

In real life, men and women make love, and women close their eyes when their feelings reach their extremes. This also shows that strabismus women are sexy.

Strabismus is divided into two types in the phase, one is squinting upwards, and one is squinting downwards. Squinting upwards is a good phase that will bring happiness to men, harmony in life, and lasting love; if it is squinting downwards. It is a phase of family disagreement.

In addition, some men like to squint women with small eyes, this is a kind of playboy’s eyes, the general style is not decent.

Big pupils are rich in emotions

A woman with a big pupil is rich in emotions, has a sloppy behavior, does not have a careful plan to do things, and often works with her own sex. Once she encounters difficulties, she immediately retreats. However, this can be changed. Dream weaving content management system


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